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How serious are you with your online business?  Starting your own business either online or offline is10746232_ML a big step to take. There are times when people mostly with good intentions can put doubt in your mind, some make fun of you.
The making of fun often comes from the fact they just wish they had the guts to step out and do something on their own.

You can run your business full time, or part-time, you can even run it along side your job. In fact I know a few people who have large successful eBay and Amazon businesses and they still work at their old job. Why? Well they enjoy it – you see once they had a job to provide the money to pay the bills, now they go to work on their own terms because they love it. 

But taking that step and saying next week I am leaving my full-time job and going full time into my Amazon / eBay business a big step. Yes you will have set everything up, yes you will have made sure you are making the income you need from the online venture for several months before handing in your notice.

Having your own online business is fun and it gives you freedom to do things during the day that you only could dream of. For example if you have kids you can go to all their school activities, attend sports games, take them to appointments, be there to support your wife or husband in the home – the list is endless.

But you need to set up some ground rules and stick to them as much as possible.

Have a set time when you start work
Sit down at your computer dressed, washed and ready for the day ahead – imagine turning up for work scruffy. (Now at times there is no harm in working in your PJ’s just don’t make a habit of it.

Have set times for lunch, dinner and when you finish

You will find family and friends asking you to do things as you are now at home so much – erm sorry have to say no. Now of course if it was an emergency or something then yes. But if you worked for a company you could not have the freedom

People will respect you for this and honor what you say. If  you are going to grow a serious business you need to have it all in place just as if you worked for someone.

But having said all that you are in business for yourself and one of the top reasons normally is to have the freedom an internet business gives you. You are your own boss and if it is a lovely day go out and have fun, re-charge those batteries.

Remember this business is about sourcing, listing, make it fun have those goals set and have fun.

Hope this helps any questions please ask

When you list items on eBay how many times do you use the “Make Offer” If you do not use it or just do not think it is worth using stop right there you are losing a lot of money as Buy it Now with Make Offer really does work. But there are a few steps that I use to guarantee you make money and do not loose out. 

Step One – Make your listing as usual add pictures and item specifics like you normally do, everything stays the same until you get to the pricing.

Step Two – Choose Buy It Now only (No Auctions here)

Step Three – Lets say the item sells for £50.00 I would put a price in for £54.99 or a bit higher.

Step Four – Choose the Make Offer and check the box.

Step Five – You will see another few questions now appear – over the years I have not used them. Yes you maybe thinking it will save me time answering all those low offers. Yes it will but it can and will cost you sales. For example let us say you put offers below £49.99 to be automatic rejected by eBay and someone offers £49.98 the system will say NO. But if you leave that section empty you will get an email saying this person has offered £49.98 and I think and hope you would except the offer. Yes you will get silly offers come in but it takes seconds to do a counter offer and often when you counter offer the people buy. They are just testing the water.

Now talking about testing the waters, you may have a product where you do not know the price. One way is to try an auction and let it run. But another way if you are looking to introduce a new line and trying to price test is put the item up for sale with Make Offer. People will either pay the going price or you will start to get offers coming in. Now this is where the testing comes in. Let’s say you ask £50.00 put 80% of the offers are around the £40.00 mark – this tells us that the market price people are willing to pay is £40.00. Hope this helps and if you have not tried Buy It Now With Make Offer give it a go and see what happens.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.

7697214_MMake that to-do list before you go to bed. Have you ever woken up in morning and thought what shall I do today in my Amazon business (or eBay)? And while you think you read the paper, make a few calls to some mates to arrange lunch, then thought I will just catch that program I recorded last night – then will get to work – by then it is lunchtime and soon the day has gone

Or do you wake up with a panic thinking where do I start I have so much to do, you just flip from one bit to the next and again a lot of wasted time and nothing done to build your Amazon or eBay businesses.

Well why not do what the top earners and business people do?  They create a to-do list each night (some do the list in the morning, but by doing it nightly you wake up fresh and ready to start the day)

On your list you need to add everything you need to do that day. Some of the things may be the same for example I need to list 20 items a day. This goes on as if you are not listing, you are not selling.

Something else maybe the orders that need to go out or the boxes to Amazon. Lunch needs to go, In fact everything to do with your working day goes on the list. And when you have done it – cross it off the list. It is so motivating to see things crossed off.

Another tip is to number the things in order of importance – for example listing should be higher up the list than emptying the office rubbish bin – but of course the bin has to be emptied sooner or else there is rubbish on the floor.

Award yourself when everything is done, and please if you do not cross everything off the list do not get cross with yourself, just add it to the list next day…………………  If it is important mark it as 1 or 2. And if it is not that important ask yourself does it really need to be on the list.

Try keeping a to-do list for 30 days and see what a difference it makes to your business and personal life, and come back and let us know.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.

The past week I have looked at my online sourcing and decided to look at the different ways we can source items to re-sell on Amazon and eBay. One of the main points with online sourcing you need to have a system in place that works for you and your business and your lifestyle.13223732_M

What works for one person may not work for another person, at times we can just tweak a system or we may need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch – only you know.
This week I decided to look on eBay for items to source to buy and flip to sell on Amazon. And for my eBay business I bought from Aliexpress, from a company in India and one in China.

The system I use for eBay sourcing is to go to wholesale / joblots then set the search to ending soonest (this then gives us items closing right now, and you can get some wonderful buys doing this.

The other tip is do it late at night, first thing in the morning or at other odd times when others are at work, in bed asleep. Seriously you can win some fantastic deals. And if it is during the night set yourself a maximum bid and let it run it run. You will wake up to some great buys at low prices.

Often you do not have time to in depth research. The other day it was around 12.30am and saw some DVD job lots going at auction and no bidders – I quickly looked at the photos and nipped to Amazon and did a search for a few, everyone I saw sold for nice prices. I just needed to sell 6 at the low end on Amazon and my costs were covered and I had another 250 to list.

Honestly you can pick up wonderful buys on eBay just by looking at the platform odd hours of the day and night.

So what are you waiting for – give it a go and see what you can find and flip to resell on Amazon – all from the comfort of your home.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.

Who remembers the Bible story about the wise and foolish builders? One built their house on sand6386045_L and the other built their house on a rock…………………. Or the story of the three little pigs, – the house of straw, the house of sticks, the house of bricks.

In the stories the house built on the rock survived and so did the house built of bricks, yes both of these would have taken longer to build and design but they with stood the time and what life had to through at them.

By know you may be thinking what has this got to do with my Amazon and eBay businesses, well not a lot really but if you look deeper it has a huge amount to do with running a business.

Another example is one of these massive amusement rides people go on for fun, being dropped or thrown in the air – have you ever taken a look at what is happening deep down in the ground?

These rides have huge foundations steel, concrete, wire and foots that are designed to withstand massive amounts of force, they are built many times over what they meant to take. Why? Well apart from peoples safety they are built to last trying to get back the millions it cost to build them.

The same goes for your online business, we can go out and buy some items and list them on Amazon and eBay, some may sell and others may just sit there. But if you continue to build your business like this then sadly it will last short term, but will not go long term – Just like the foolish builder and the the pigs who built their homes from straw and sticks.

If we spend time reading and learning and then taking what we have learnt and put that into action we will build a business that will stand what life and business has to throw at it, it withstand the down times and up times – just like the wise builder who built his house on the rock, and the little pig who built their house from brick.

So as you go forward with your eBay and Amazon businesses, take time – build a strong foundation, learn from others who have gone before, but above all take action and build a large healthy eCommerce business.


Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.

If you follow any of the forums or Facebook groups to do with Amazon and eBay one of the currant7697214_M themes people are talking about is how slow sales are. So today lets take a look on how you can Turn slow sales on Amazon and eBay to your advantage.

But first just because sales seem slow or are slow, should not mean you are just letting things go slow and wait until schools are back before you start to list items again. All around the world their are people who have credit cards in their hands waiting and wanting to but items from sellers. Yes you may have an item that is sitting there in a box waiting for the colder weather to come and for you to start to list……………………. but someone somewhere in the world wants it today, and if you not list it some other person with the same item will be listing and they will have the sale. I have seen this happen so many times over the years – do not get caught out.

A little while ago I mentioned people may be waiting for schools to go back before they started to list, but did you know the back to school niche is white hot at the moment, parents, grand-parents and students are buying school, college and University items right now – have you looked at this niche and though how can I take a piece of the action and make money?

Also we have seen some major sporting events happen over the past few weeks – Wimbledon, World Cup (football), many people around the world have stopped up late to watch these events (or early in the morning), and instead of being on Amazon and eBay they have watched sport – but there again you have people who hate sport and have never used Amazon and eBay in their lives and they decide to go and take a look, and treat themselves to items. Yes this does happen all the time.

Also if you are finding sales are slow, take time and research new niches and new products. look online for new suppliers. List items on a regular basis, treat your business as normal, and by doing this when things get back to normal you will be well ahead of the game.

Here in the UK in a few weeks we have the Commonwealth Games and again sports mad people will be glued to their TVs watching their favourite sporting event and cheering their favourite athlete on? Will we see the same attraction as we did in the Olympic Games a few years ago? Time will tell – but what we will see are people attracted to a sport and thinking I can do this, and going out and buying clothing and equipment.

Now as online sellers we can take advantage of these trends, this is where we can turn slow sales on Amazon and eBay to your advantage be clued up on the sports that will be happening sourced books, DVD’s, Videos and have them ready in your Amazon Store. Now do not go mad, but see what is out there, buy a few of each get them listed and sent into Amazon and see what happens.

Yes you must still research, look at sales rank number of sellers, but having done this I know it works.

As an example few years ago I sold a rudder from the 1912 Boat Race, it sat there for weeks, then months, then the week of the Boat race it sold!!! Why? Well I believe people knew the boat race happened every year, but that week it was on TV, the papers were full of it and it got people thinking – thus the rudder sold.

Hope this has helped some people think outside the box and take advantage of the slow sales.

One of the challenges with working in an online business and internet marketing is informationblog-writer-944195 overload. Selling on sites such as eBay and Amazon is the fact that each and everyday we have emails coming into our inbox, magazines and newsletters popping through the door, all telling us of new ways to build our online business.

Then we have podcasts and online videos and spreecasts. Now while all of these are often good for us and our businesses, they can at times knock us off course. Our mind is a super computer and it takes tons of data and stores information for us and when we need something it tells us what we need – just like the computers and phones we use. But at times we feed so much information into our brain that it says hey too much – it is at this point we have information overload challenges.

If we are all honest we suffer from this overload, but we need to be able to recognize it and pull back, look at what we have learn, put into action the training and information we have at the moment and then and only then look at something else – if needed.

Selling on Amazon and eBay we need to be up to speed and up to date on what is happening in the business and our chosen niche – nothing wrong in this. But what I have found over the years is do we need all this information, and choose who we learn from.

The next time you see a new course, spreecast, Facebook Group opening take some time and ask yourself a few questions :

  • Will this Spreecast, Facebook Group or Course take me nearer to my goal.
  • If it is a new course and you have ticked the first box, look at who is running the training, what their background is and how long they have been selling on Amazon and eBay.
  • Can you afford it without stretching yourself or worse going into debt
  • Is there a money back guarantee
  • Do I have the time to invest in the new learning

Remember as I have mentioned it is good to learn new things, and yes it is important at times to pay for this training as people have invested time, money, their own learning into creating this information and it is only right and fair we pay for it.

But remember be careful of that information overload and shinny object syndrome.

A tip I use and teach others to use, when you are doing listings, scanning items into Amazon, packing boxes and processing orders use that time to listen to your favourite podcasts and SpreeCasts. By doing this you will learn as you earn.

So remember as these new courses come out just ask yourself have I learnt from the material I have already bought or is it still sitting in a box or on my hard drive. If it is spend some time each day and read and learn, and then put into action.

Then and only then look at some more training – but stay away from that shinny object and information overload place. Use what you have, take that action and watch your business grow.

Recently when I have been teaching and consulting with students the recurring theme I am hearing,5880857_M and one of the main stumbling blocks people are having is with product sourcing. How to go about product sourcing right through to how do we start to product sourcing.

Then when you look at the wider picture out there, again on forums and Facebook Groups you see a trend once again that shows people are having major challenges with this area. Yes you can have all your plans and structures in place, but if you do not have Product Sourcing sorted then sadly your business will not get off the starting grid. Sorry to be blunt, but it is the truth. Product Sourcing will help your business grow into mega businesses.

To start with we need to get your mind into a Product Sourcing mind-set, and to do this you need to be product sourcing on a regular basis. The more often you do it the easier it will become. We have all heard that saying. “Do something for 30 Days and you will form a habit” – In other words if you do something for a 30 day period it will become natural to you.

So today I want you to start on this journey. We are going to build some lists. Yes I know we often joke about doing lists, and having lists of lists – but once again they work, and in this business they work big time.

Now you can do your lists on :

Sheets of paper
Note Book
Notice Board

Now I am going to be honest here, my chosen format is Evernote – the reason behind this is because once you have created that list using Evernote it will be on your computer, phone, tablet, IPad  and whenever you update something it will be updated everywhere. No more losing papers and forgetting to update a sheet.

So back to the Product Sourcing back to basics tip for today. I want you to look around you, and start to jot down the things you see. At this stage it does not matter the cost of the item or the size of the item or the age. What is important is the fact you are jotting down ideas.

Also at this stage if you see something and it sets of a trigger in your brain that makes you think of another item or range of items jot these down to. Do not think or say, I will do those extras later once I have finished. The chances are you will forget it. And who knows that could have been the winning product.

As a suggestion do this for about a week. Just keep adding to the list of ideas and products. Remember nothing is out of bounds at this stage. Every item is a potential winner. And remember if something triggers a thought and then another thought write them down.

This list will be your Master Product Sourcing Research file, or product sourcing brain dump. Do not panic though over time this big list will be worked on and made into a working document, that will help you have a constant stream of product sourcing ideas for weeks, months and years to come.



Are you looking to sell Fashion items but stuck as you do not know what to sell, or cannot find out where you can source those brand name items? Well help is at hand, today we have come across a leading supplier of brand name ladies fashions at fantastic prices. 

For example you can sell brands such as :

  • Warehouse
  • Wallis
  • Topshop
  • RiverIsland
  • New Look
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Jane Norman
  • Plus many more

All the items are new and contain both current and clearance lines

Site :

eMail :

Tele : 0208 211 8320

Address : Lumen House, Vale Road, London, N4 1PR

When I chat with people about what I do for a living often one of the questions I get thrown back to10587530_S me is ok tell me in simple terms how to start a successful Amazon FBA Business. Well as soon as I mention work, a lot of people look at me as if I have gone mad or used a swear word – yeah guess to some people who are looking for that quick way to make money either part or full time time then work is.

  • So step one is Work and in the early days it can be hard hard work, but the rewards that are there months and years down the line it is well worth it.
  • Next Step is you need to scan anything and everything in sight be it in your home or when you are out and about in a store or shop. If it has a UPC Code / Barcode on it then scan it and see what the App says.A good one here in the UK for new people is ProfitBandit and you can either stick with this one or look at ScanPower. Both work on the Apple and Android Platform, and other the coming weeks and months we will be looking more at each one and what they can do for your Amazon Business.
  • Keep everything simple in the early days of the business. Yes you can get tools to do this, tools to do that, software that does this for you. But honestly in your early weeks and months you just need a computer, printer, smartphone and scanning app, and that is it honestly
  • Look for items to resell in your own home, family and friends, Charity Shops, Shops such as Tesco, Asda, ToysRUs etc, online stores, Car boot Sales, Church sales. And then when you have mastered this, you can move onto wholesale, and then importing. Again we will be looking at product sourcing on a regular basis.
  • Lastly Do Not be afraid to ask questions here, on other forums and Facebook groups. I for one love to help people and I know others from around the world love to do the same. Questions small or big are always welcome

Hope you enjoyed this small article on start a successful FBA business – there will be plenty more to come, and as I am based in the UK a lot of them will be aimed at the UK seller, but mostly you can take them and use them worldwide.

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