How To Prevent Bad Shipment Feedback

Recently I have been seeing and also being asked should we Poly Bag this item, How to prevent bad shipping feedbackor should I just put this bundle in a bag and shrink warp it or should it go in the box.
My normal answer to this question is…………………… If you were buying this item from Amazon or eBay how would you like to receive it at the door? And by answering this question you normally answer the question how do yousend items into Amazon.

Myself I will normally PolyBag / Shrink Wrap most of the items – I sell a lot of second hand / used CD’s and have found since I started using shrink wrap I got a lot more positive feedback and comments on how well the items were received.

Also we need to remember at this time of year a lot of the items are being bought as Christmas Presents and I have found something that might pass during the rest of the year…. as an example a small dent on corner of box, is sent back as not fit to give as a present, so please be aware of this.

Taking an extra five minutes making sure the items are well taken care of, will save disappointed buyers giving you bad feedback, because you just did not spend those extra few minutes protecting a box or an item,

Hope this helps

Why Do I Do What I Do

As eBay and Amazon sellers, sometimes we find we get into a rut. We know we what is yor why, Amazon, eBay, Amazon Consultant, eBay consultanthave to go out sourcing, we know we have to list items, we know we have to market the items to get the sales happening. If this happens do not panic, it happens to us all at sometime in our online selling life.

If it does happen share it with a few trusted friends online those who will help you and cheer you on, but also give you that kick up the bum if it is needed.
But there is something a lot more powerful and that is re-visit your why……………………………….

Why did you start doing this business in the first place, look at your dream and goal book, look at the poster on the wall or the picture of your family each one of us is different and we all have a different WHY we do this business.

And in closing you know what there is no harm in visiting your why on a daily basis to just keep you focused and tuned in to your business.

Now go and source, list and sell and have a great week.

UK Wholesaler – Branded Housewares

Today we are taking a look at a supplier who sells branded items at fantastic discounts, in a number of niches which are hot sellers on Amazon and eBay. The company is called Branded Housewares, and they sell thousands of products that you can take and flip and make profits on.
As usual please take time look into these companies and see if they are a fit for you and your business.

Branded Housewares
Unit 4
Delta Trading Estate
Bilston Road
West Midlands

UK Wholesaler – Smiffys

Well it is that time of year, the nights are getting dark earlier and there is that cold feel to the start and end of the day, autumn and winter are well on their way.
But also at this time of year we have the start of the party season Halloween, Thanksgiving (The first two are not that big here in the UK, but Halloween is soon catching up with our American friends)
But the main events are Christmas and New Year. Fancy Dress sells big time any time of the year but between now and the end of the year people seem to go crazy and spend money on weird and wonderful outfits.
So todays chosen supplier falls into this niche : 

Peckett Plaza
Caldicott Drive
DN21 1FJ

0800 590 599

Do Lists Work?

Do Lists Work

I guess you have asked yourself and others the question “Do Lists Work?” And over time you have got many different answers, but let me tell you if you set yourself up with a system then yes they work big time and and help you grow your business to the next level and beyond.

You can have your lists on sheets of paper, a book / journal or online using evernote. For me I tend to use the Evernote moleskin journals and add to evernote to keep track. This is the system I use for long term list and business ideas.

Now for my day to day lists – what I am doing each day I use the Evernote system and use the tick box so I can tick off each task once I have done it. This allows me to have my daily to-do list anywhere I am as it is on my phone, tablet and computer.

I make up my to-do list the night before, and put on the regular tasks such as product sourcing, pictures, descriptions, then I add the tasks for that day. So when I wake up I know what I am going to do. Yes at times I need to add new things to the list if an emergency crops up or I have finished all of the things (not often).

Like I said yes lists do work, but only if we use them on a regular basis, and make them apart of our lives both personal and business. And remember if you do not complete all the tasks on a certain day do not beat yourself up, just add them to the items to be done on the following day.

So if you have never used lists in your business to make your daily pattern flow better try making that to-do list tonight and in the morning you will wake up with a focused plan for the day ahead.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Coaching – if you need help with any aspects of your business please either send us an email, or fill in the box to the right for further details.

UK Wholesaler – Cleopatra

Today we have another UK Wholesaler and this time we are looking at the gift niche and category. They have a product range of over 10,000 items so there should be something for almost everyone.

Cleopatra Trading Limited,
124 Cheetham Hill Road,
Manchester M8 8PZ
Tel: 0161 832 8184

UK Wholesaler – Northern Lingerie

UK Wholesaler 001 – Yes it maybe summer outside but soon the nights will be getting colder and the holiday season will soon be here. Now the chosen companies items sell all year round but a lot of the items are given as gifts at Christmas, and then some of their other lines are given at Valentines Day time.
This looks a small wholesaler the prices are very keen, and like with anything you need to do your own homework, call and check them out.


Northern Lingerie
Euroway Trading Estate

How To Find Out A Product Sales rank On Amazon



Sorry the audio is a bit low on this video will try and do another one next few days. But I hope and trust you can see how the process works on finding out the sales rank of a product on Amazon.

YouTube Preview Image

Holidays And Sourcing And Building Your Online Business

Here in the UK schools are still out and people are enjoying the summer holidays with many people7359867_S going on holiday either here in the UK or travelling further afield and visiting some far flung counties around the globe.

Now I know you are on holiday, but why not use these times when you are away from your home turf to go and visit some of the Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales, Famers Markets, Gift Shops and Markets where you are staying.

And if you are not going away why not just go out for the day jump in the car or take a train or bus ride and visit a new town or city and go and do some sourcing.

It is really amazing that by visiting a new place can open up a treasure trove of sourcing potential. And who knows you might even make some new connections that will provide you with new stock and supplies for many years to come.

Now of course I am not talking about doing this everyday – I mean you are on holiday after all, but keep those eyes and ears open to what is out there. But also I do know people who will go on sourcing weekends or weeks. This is where they will take off for a weekend, drive to a new area and just hit all the Charity Shops, Discount Shops, Markets and Farmers Markets.

They will pile up the car with the new goodies and come back home and list and sell.  This is a fun and flexible business and allows you to source products and ideas where ever you are and go.

Also by visiting new areas you are often met with different prices some more expensive and then the ones we like prices are cheaper. This is where you can make some good money and extra profits.

So why not give it a go – bring back a few items and gifts and list them on eBay or Amazon and see what happens, and let us know how you get on.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.

How To Get More Consignment Clients For Very Little Work

Today I want to share a simple tip on how to get an almost limitlessness amount of items that you can sell online on sites such as eBay and Amazon. And also at no cost to you.12424141_S

Yes I am talking about consignment selling, but with a slight twist. Most consignment selling is done with people in your local area – and to be fair if you market yourself correctly and to the right people you can have your phone ringing none stop with people wanting your help.  But what if you live in a rural area?

Well you can still run this type of consignment selling and all it takes is a bit of thinking outside the box. This will work for eBay and Amazon MF items.  It takes a bit of time to set up but once this is done it money all the way.

All it takes is adding a piece of paper to all your out going boxes to your customers and on this bit of paper, you add a list of products that you want to sell (yes when people call you are able to say yes to most items, but by having a list you can get people thinking and also go for those higher price items)

So as I mentioned you put out a list of items you would like to sell and add these to all your out going boxes, packages, and I have even added them to bills I am paying and have had a few calls from people.

You put your mobile phone number (cell phone number) and email address. Simple the more you put out the more calls you get.

When people phone you go through the sales pitch explain you charge a 40% fee (or what you want, but remember you need to cover listing fees as well as your commission so do not go to low)

If they are still interested ask them to email you pictures and descriptions of the items they want to sell so you can see what they have got and what condition they are in.

Then if all is good you send them a contract explaining the deal and commission.

Next you get them to box the items up and send to you – this can be at their expense or yours. Often what I do is explain I can use my own carrier discounts and get them to pick up from and then will deduct this charge off the money owed to them

You explain how to box up items, weigh and measure the boxes.

Then ask when is the best day for carrier to call or can they drop them off at a drop of place.

You then purchase and print labels and send them off to the people.

You just rinse and repeat this process.


Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Consultant Based in the UK, helping people to grow
their businesses to the next level. Andrew is able to help you start an online
business through to helping manage an existing business.