Buying Media (Cds) when In Bulk To Resell On Amazon

Todays topic is all about buying media items in bulk to resell on Amazon.
Now before we get into the main meat of the article there is nothing wrong in buying smaller amounts of items from thrift stores / charity shops or car boot / estate sales. And I do this on a regular basis. I have a list of must buy if seen titles and as long as they are in very good condition and priced to sell I will buy.

As a side note when you start to buy CDs and have decided that this is something you want to build into your business it is a good idea to buy a supply of cd cases – single, double, triple disc ones. The reason is you will find loads of good cds with great ranking and profit potential but the case is damaged. All you do is bring it home pop the case and put the disc in its new home with the inserts and artwork.

You will come across job lots of cds on a regular basis and you will see listings on sites such as CraigsList, Gumtree, eBay, local papers, estate sales, garage sales and from flyers you put out.

The first rule is when answering an advert never ever mention price, or what you are prepared to pay. Of course you are looking to buy at the cheapest amount possible. Remember you are doing the person you are buying from a favour, you are taking their unwanted items  from them and giving them cash. And most people are happy to take what you offer. But you must see the cds either in person or if buying off eBay from pictures.

As with a lot of media items you need to stay away from CD of the month club type deals as these are not worth anything in general – yes there are times when some do sell but in general stay away.

When you go and see the items scan with your eyes and workout how many there are in total and also ask the people for a rough number – sometimes some sellers who are collectors will have a list they will email you – this is wonderful as you can take random titles and see what they are selling for on Amazon.

Once you have scanned with your eyes, take a random selection and just scan the bar code with your phone and using either the Amazon app, Profitbandit or ScanPower see what price they are selling for and how many other sellers there are. Do not take too long on this as time is money, and you buy low.

Another tip you must do again taking a random selection, just open the cds and see what condition the artwork and cd is in. If they look good condition then chances are other will be. Just take several out of different piles, say top, bottom, middle etc

When I buy bulk CDs I tend to pay around 10p / 10c a Cd sometimes less and sometimes a bit more, but know your top price and do not go over this. Start low with the offer and see what seller says, they might say yes fine. Others might say thats a bit low how about XYZ you counter offer and see what happens you normally meet in middle.

Now when you get home you will find some the CDs are just rubbish, A few have no artwork or inserts, a few too cheap on Amazon and the rest are fine. List the bulk of them on Amazon and get them sent into FBA as soon as you can.

With the ones that just not worth selling on Amazon, pop into bundles and sell on eBay as lots. When I have done this often the job lots pay for the whole bulk lot and that means profit all the way.

Start small, and once you have bought several smaller bundles of CDs to sell on Amazon you will soon be buying bigger and bigger lots. have fun.

Another Year Has Gone Welcome 2015

Can you really believe it? Another year has gone and soon we will be welcoming 13389750_M.jpgin 2015. So can you look back on 2014 with happiness and a sense of peace knowing that dreams and goals were met? Both personal and business goals were aimed for and achieved?

For some the answer will be yes, others will be ok, and others it will be I am so glad 2014 is over………. where are you on the list? Keep this to yourself unless you feel happy to share.

But remember no matter where you are in the world on the stroke of midnight each one of us starts with a clean sheet of paper. We have a whole 365 days ahead of us to achieve the dreams and goals we have set ourselves. Each one of us is equal it is a level playing field. But those who have defined goals, a plan of where they are going to go in 2015 will have a head start. (it is never too late to start that goal sheet and road map !!!!)

As the time ticks away here in the UK I can say 2014 has been a good year, yes some areas could have been better, but that was down to me and my attitude and I have made some decision on things I need to change. Remember life is a journey and not a destination.

As a Christian I thank God on a daily basis for giving me family and friends who support me in what I do. I thank Him everyday for the people he has bought into my life right now who have shaped me, moulded into the business person I am at the end of 2014.  And yes there is still a lot I need to learn and put into practise.

Something that I plan on doing in 2015 is writing a “Blessing Diary” – On a regular basis I just want to Thank God for the things he has done in my life on a personal basis and also a business basis. And also to include Him far more into my business making decisions. And I encourage those who believe to do the same and see the difference it makes to you and your business.

So what plans do you have for 2015?  I plan on………………………….

Business Goals

Adding new categories and niches to my Amazon and eBay business
Listing new products on both platforms on a regular basis
Coaching new and existing clients to sell on eBay and Amazon
Streamlining my Re-active Coaching Business
Promoting my Consignment Business to businesses and people in local and expanded area
Building my Local Marketing Business

So let me know what Business Goals you have set for 2015  and lets together make 2015 a fantastic year


How To Prevent Bad Shipment Feedback

Recently I have been seeing and also being asked should we Poly Bag this item, How to prevent bad shipping feedbackor should I just put this bundle in a bag and shrink warp it or should it go in the box.
My normal answer to this question is…………………… If you were buying this item from Amazon or eBay how would you like to receive it at the door? And by answering this question you normally answer the question how do yousend items into Amazon.

Myself I will normally PolyBag / Shrink Wrap most of the items – I sell a lot of second hand / used CD’s and have found since I started using shrink wrap I got a lot more positive feedback and comments on how well the items were received.

Also we need to remember at this time of year a lot of the items are being bought as Christmas Presents and I have found something that might pass during the rest of the year…. as an example a small dent on corner of box, is sent back as not fit to give as a present, so please be aware of this.

Taking an extra five minutes making sure the items are well taken care of, will save disappointed buyers giving you bad feedback, because you just did not spend those extra few minutes protecting a box or an item,

Hope this helps

Why Do I Do What I Do

As eBay and Amazon sellers, sometimes we find we get into a rut. We know we what is yor why, Amazon, eBay, Amazon Consultant, eBay consultanthave to go out sourcing, we know we have to list items, we know we have to market the items to get the sales happening. If this happens do not panic, it happens to us all at sometime in our online selling life.

If it does happen share it with a few trusted friends online those who will help you and cheer you on, but also give you that kick up the bum if it is needed.
But there is something a lot more powerful and that is re-visit your why……………………………….

Why did you start doing this business in the first place, look at your dream and goal book, look at the poster on the wall or the picture of your family each one of us is different and we all have a different WHY we do this business.

And in closing you know what there is no harm in visiting your why on a daily basis to just keep you focused and tuned in to your business.

Now go and source, list and sell and have a great week.

UK Wholesaler – Branded Housewares

Today we are taking a look at a supplier who sells branded items at fantastic discounts, in a number of niches which are hot sellers on Amazon and eBay. The company is called Branded Housewares, and they sell thousands of products that you can take and flip and make profits on.
As usual please take time look into these companies and see if they are a fit for you and your business.

Branded Housewares
Unit 4
Delta Trading Estate
Bilston Road
West Midlands

UK Wholesaler – Smiffys

Well it is that time of year, the nights are getting dark earlier and there is that cold feel to the start and end of the day, autumn and winter are well on their way.
But also at this time of year we have the start of the party season Halloween, Thanksgiving (The first two are not that big here in the UK, but Halloween is soon catching up with our American friends)
But the main events are Christmas and New Year. Fancy Dress sells big time any time of the year but between now and the end of the year people seem to go crazy and spend money on weird and wonderful outfits.
So todays chosen supplier falls into this niche : 

Peckett Plaza
Caldicott Drive
DN21 1FJ

0800 590 599

Do Lists Work?

Do Lists Work

I guess you have asked yourself and others the question “Do Lists Work?” And over time you have got many different answers, but let me tell you if you set yourself up with a system then yes they work big time and and help you grow your business to the next level and beyond.

You can have your lists on sheets of paper, a book / journal or online using evernote. For me I tend to use the Evernote moleskin journals and add to evernote to keep track. This is the system I use for long term list and business ideas.

Now for my day to day lists – what I am doing each day I use the Evernote system and use the tick box so I can tick off each task once I have done it. This allows me to have my daily to-do list anywhere I am as it is on my phone, tablet and computer.

I make up my to-do list the night before, and put on the regular tasks such as product sourcing, pictures, descriptions, then I add the tasks for that day. So when I wake up I know what I am going to do. Yes at times I need to add new things to the list if an emergency crops up or I have finished all of the things (not often).

Like I said yes lists do work, but only if we use them on a regular basis, and make them apart of our lives both personal and business. And remember if you do not complete all the tasks on a certain day do not beat yourself up, just add them to the items to be done on the following day.

So if you have never used lists in your business to make your daily pattern flow better try making that to-do list tonight and in the morning you will wake up with a focused plan for the day ahead.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay and Amazon Coaching – if you need help with any aspects of your business please either send us an email, or fill in the box to the right for further details.

UK Wholesaler – Cleopatra

Today we have another UK Wholesaler and this time we are looking at the gift niche and category. They have a product range of over 10,000 items so there should be something for almost everyone.

Cleopatra Trading Limited,
124 Cheetham Hill Road,
Manchester M8 8PZ
Tel: 0161 832 8184

UK Wholesaler – Northern Lingerie

UK Wholesaler 001 – Yes it maybe summer outside but soon the nights will be getting colder and the holiday season will soon be here. Now the chosen companies items sell all year round but a lot of the items are given as gifts at Christmas, and then some of their other lines are given at Valentines Day time.
This looks a small wholesaler the prices are very keen, and like with anything you need to do your own homework, call and check them out.


Northern Lingerie
Euroway Trading Estate

How To Find Out A Product Sales rank On Amazon



Sorry the audio is a bit low on this video will try and do another one next few days. But I hope and trust you can see how the process works on finding out the sales rank of a product on Amazon.

YouTube Preview Image