Why You Need To Source On A Regular Basis

The other day I was asked the question “Do I really need to source items on a Toys.jpgregular basis to sell in my Amazon and eBay business?” Now you may think this was a question coming from a new person in the business, but in fact it was from a seller who has been selling online for many years. To start with I thought she was having a bit of a joke, but no she was being serious.

I then asked her how often she sourced for items for her online ventures, and she said just when she felt like it. Now I knew this girl only did this business part-time, as she had a job, and when I asked her was this due to the hours she worked she said no not at all. I was now puzzled so asked her when was the last time she sourced and she said before Christmas…………………………….

Then in the next breath she said and to be honest I am not motivated as my sales are so slow. I explained the sales were low, because she had not sourced or listed any items for almost six months so no wonder sales are almost zero.

I then explained that to make Amazon and eBay work and bring in a real income one needs to be out there sourcing products on a daily or weekly basis and then listing them on sites such as eBay and Amazon. And if you are doing Amazon send them into Amazon FBA.

It is a very simple process

  • Source
  • List
  • Sell
  • Rinse and Repeat

And if you can do the above on a weekly basis then you will start to see an increase in your sales, and these sales will then motivate you to go out more and list more. Also remember if you are out sourcing and not listing the inventory you have at home is just lying there and gathering dust and not making money. It needs to be listed on eBay and stored safe or if doing Amazon listed and sent into one of the Amazon warehouses.

A model I have been following for a long time and I know other people have been using in one form or another is…………………………………….

  • During the week if working source online and place your orders so they all arrive where possible by the weekend. And where you can pop into local shops.
  • Weekend visit local stores, Charity Shops, Car Boot sales, Fates etc
  • Sunday afternoon and evening list items on eBay
  • Sunday afternoon and evening list items onto Amazon and prepare the UPS pick up for Monday

The above is very powerful and once you have been using it for a few weeks it becomes part of your life. Of course you may need to tweak it to fit your lifestyle, but the important thing is you do it and take action.

So in closing the reason why you need to source on a regular basis is so that you always have new items to attract new buyers and keep your online stores looking alive and fresh. And because the more you list the more you sell.

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