What is OSI RockStars?

osi RockStars

How often have you wanted to learn something about eBay or selling online in general and most of the time have come up against a brick wall. Well I know I have then one day I came accross a site called OSI RockStars. OSI RockStars is a site run by people who are active in the area of selling and buying on eBay on a daily basis.

Janelle Elms has been around eBay for a long time know and regularly takes part in eBay live as a trainer and other eBay events. Janelle then came up with the idea and concept of running a membership site aimed at training site aimed at taking people to that next level in their eBay business either as a seller, Trading Assistant, Education Specialist or consultant.

At present Janelle has over 120 hours of webinars and podcasts teaching you on things such as how to source products, how to work a trade show, how to get key words and the list goes on and on.

Plus Janelle Elms and her team are adding new coment every single week.

As well as these classes there is also a forum where once you are a member you can go and ask and answer questions and as there are people from all areas of the world you can post a question and within minutes you could get an answer back how cool is that.

Membership is a low monthly fee and is worth it’s weight in Gold, pop along today and take a look and see how OSI RockStars can help you in your eBay business.



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