We Are About To Enter Q4….Are You Ready

Well, summer is almost over here in the UK, Officially it is Autumn, schools are all back, and the nights are getting darker earlier.
Also, we are on the countdown to Q4, the busy season for all e-commerce sellers………….. So now is the time to start listing items. Set yourself a listing goal – remember the more you list the more you sell.
And yes I am talking to myself, most of you will remember last November time I went into the hospital and five months later I came out – having missed Q4, Valentines Day, Easter and Mothers Day. This year I need to make up for lost time as I have a storage Unit full and a house full of stock I need to sell and make some money for my clients and myself.
So if you have questions, need help with listing ideas please leave comments below and let’s make Q4 2017 the best ever
Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon
for many years 
and is now helping many others from around
the world learn the 
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay
can bring. Andrew is currently 
working with Jim Cockrum
as an Amazon Consultant and eBay Consultant and offers coaching 
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