Watch Out For Those Sparkly Things

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As you start to grow your eBay business and have been selling online for a few years or even just a few months you will start to see sparkly things appearing in emails, manuals you read and videos you watch. These sparkly things maybe courses, gadgets, software that promise to enable you to sell more items in less time.  Now some of these things do what they say they will and they will save you time. But………………do you need the sparkly thing right now in your business or life?

When you see one of these sparkly things you need to ask yourself a few questions………..

  • Do I really need these item right now
  • Can I afford this item right now
  • Will this item take me closer to my goal

Yes we all need or want sparkly things in our business and just recently I bought a real sparkly thing a new camera and not just any camera but a Samsung Galaxy Camera. And as I look at the above list I could tick all the boxes. And having used it for just under a week I can tell you that my new camera has saved me time as I can edit photo’s on the camera and then send them by Wi-Fi to my computer….this simple action has cut hours off my photo part of my eBay business.

So as we come to the end of another year and look forward to 2013, why not write out a list of items you would like for your eBay business, yes include those sparkly items as well, and then ask yourself those three questions and if you can tick all the boxes put it on your shopping list. And then start to do some research on the best item and the best place to buy it from.

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