USA Product Source 006 – Delight Trading

USA Product Source – Delight Trading

Time flies when you have fun and this week we are on USA Product Source number 6.  As I live in the Uk I have been having problems finding good sources of product sources in the USA, but at long last I have found a few places, that I have been in contact with and also find a few who I have spoken with and feel I can trust.

But please at the end of the day although I have listed them, please take time, speak with them and do your own research.

This weeks USA Product Source is called Delight Trading and you can find them at :

Delight Trading

Our USA Product source Delight Trading sell a wide range of Handmade fountains, Lucky Bamboo, and Trapical Bamboo Furniture

Delight Trading 002

Delight Trading has been around for over 10 years, and they ship to every State in the USA and a lot of over seas countries.
Delight Trading have a range of 300 products, which range from small table top items to large out door center pieces.

To find out more about this hot USA Product Source you can either go to their website at :

email them at :

or phone them at :

1 – 626 – 289 – 3311  or 1-800-996-6818

Happy selling and I hope this USA Product Source has helped you.

Andrew Milburn

PS – If you have some USA Product sources you wish to share please leave me a comment below, thanks.

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