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UK Product Source – 020

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and working on line is fun to me, and fun that brings in money. Today is Friday and Friday here at My Auction Empires , is Uk Product Source Day. (And USA and Rest of World)

Product Sourcing is an ongoing thing, if you are serious about your eBay business or e-commerce selling then you should be Product sourcing 24 / 7.

When you are out :

Out with family and friends
Out for a meal
On Holiday

You need to keep your eyes and ears open for the next hot product. Your Childrens or friends children are good spring boards ask and listen what the new programs, groups, music they are into.

Also keep a note of when major sporting events are happening in your country or around the world, as you may be able to buy in products at a low price and sell high when the event is on.

You need to keep a note book with you all the time, and make notes.

Somethings you need to note are :

Name of Product
Where You saw it.
Price range
If Possible suppliers name
Age Range
Gender Range
Any Bar Code etc

By doing this you will be able to do your Product Sourcing a lot faster.

Read magazines and cut out adverts that stand out.

Also look at Press Releases and contact compnaies to see if you can sell thier products for them.

Make Product Sourcing a game, but make it something that you do everyday. Also drill down in a niche:


Pets are a Niche
Dogs are a sub-Niche
Gun Dogs are a sub niche of the sub-niche (but still a large niche)
Spaniels are again another Sub-Niche

With product sourcing you do not want to be in the major niches where everyone is, read, research and do keyword research and find a smaller sub-niche and make your home there. Build a list of customers and when ready move on.

(If you do not know what keyword research is you need to learn fast as keywords form the basis of all businesses. Over at OSI Rock Stars Janelle Elms teaches an excellant class or multiple of classes. And these few classes are worth your yearly fee – honest)

So go on, this weekend, go out and buy a note book and start your 1st Product Sourcing Book, (yes 1st as over the weeks and months you will fill up loads).

Happy product sourcing

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

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