There Are Times To Say Good-Bye

Do not panic, I am not going anywhere. I shall be blogging here for sometime yet, so panic over, let’sTime to say good-bye, good-bye, eBay get down to today’s article…………….”There are times to say good-bye” Most business books, courses tell us all the time not to quit, never to give up. The great Winston Churchill told us to Never, Never, Never give up. But over the years I have been in business and talking with successful business people there are times when we need to say good-bye to a business, a niche, a product.

Yes I know you may find this strange, but business is just like life. In our personal lives there are times when we need to say good-bye to friends. Friends who have been around us for years, but you have seen that those friends are holding you back. If you have children there are times you need to say to them it is now time to say good-bye to a situation before it drags them down the wrong path. They will miss them to start with, but then after a period of time they will come and thank you for showing them the right path.

But how can you translate this to your eBay business? There are quite a few ways in fact. You really need to sit down a few times a year and take a look at the suppliers you use, the software you use, the carriers, and the people who supply the stationary for your business.

Are they all there cheering you on, giving you the best service they can and going out the way to make sure you are getting the five star service you deserve? I would hope ,most of them are, for they also know if they are not they may loose you as a customer or client.

There are times when some of these people have become good friends, but when you do the health checks on the business, red flags start to appear. They are always a few days late with sending the order out. There are always a few items missing. It appears each time you order those boxes they are out of stock and without them asking you they send a different size, which means they need to be cut or you have to go and buy others. Maybe small things, but at the end of the day they are costing you time and money.

When you come across situations like this in your business……you need to be big people and decide the time is right to find another source or supplier and then to say a fond farewell to the people holding you back. No company likes loosing a client or customer but if you explain it in the right way with a lot of grace then the good-bye will not be too hard, and it will allow you to move on and grow your business.

4 thoughts on “There Are Times To Say Good-Bye

  1. Nice article. I did some house cleaning this past year. I got rid of and unsubscribed to things that was not helping me with my business and was spending money for. Thanks for the share.

  2. Very good advice – I’ve had to do this before – I kept saying “but I’ve put so much into it, I can’t quit” but then I realised it was taking far too much from me than I had put in so I moved on. Great post.

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