Testing The Market

The other week I was contacted by a Trading Assistant client and they asked if I would sell someTesting the market, eBay, eBay consultant, eBay Training items for them, and instead of the normal percentage deal we worked out a per item deal and they paid all fees etc. Now for one off items this process does not normally work, but there were 29 of these items and they wanted them selling all at auction. Also the items were all the same, so after the initial set-up it was just re-list and schedule the listings over a period of seven days. Plus they are to be sold at Auction with a starting price of 99p.

Now I must say I did warn them that these items could sell at the 99p and not the £80.00 plus they were hoping for, but they said it was ok and the items would sell for the high numbers. So Monday evening I listed the first item and then had the others scheduled over the next week starting at 11am, 2pm, 6pm and 9pm………………….. and was I shocked within minutes the item had bids on, and so far all the items have sold in the £80.00 – £100.00 price range.

The way they wanted the deal set up all shouted a big NO to me, it went against what I know works and what other sellers say. But these guys knew the business, and knew their product sold on eBay, and for what price buyers were willing to pay. These guys are testing the market, and maybe if the figures do work out in their favour they will roll out the process more and make it bigger.

Now the reason I am not telling you the product or niche is because as soon as others see what is happening they will come into the market place. My client knows this and they just buy in small amounts at a time, sell the items and then buy some more, so at any one time they will not be holding onto inventory.

So let me encourage you to test the market and try something different and see if it works, and who knows it may work and you could be adding another income stream to your business. And as the saying goes you do not know until you try.

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