UK Product Source – Joe Davies

Well you have been asking for UK Product Sources and here they are.
We shall beJoe Davies listing many different product sources within the UK and Europe, that you can
approach to open trade accounts with.

  • Category : Gift
  • UK Product Source – Joe Davies
  • URL :
  • Contact : 0161 975 6300

Please remember these are business to business companies and to approach them in a professional manner. Fill out the enquiry form or send them an email outlining your business.

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UK Product Source – Wildlife World

UK Product Source – Wildlife World

Today’s UK Product Source is in the expanding world of peoples fasination of wild life. This market is growing at a fast pace and the time is right to become part of this niche.

Our chosen UK Product Source today is :

Wildlife World
Manor Farm Barn
Nr Tetbury

T: 01666 505333
F: 01666 505320


These UK Product Sources will be updated on a regular basis and over time they will add up to a great resource for people looking for products to sell on their websites.

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151 Products Ltd

UK Product Source

After a short break we are back with regular blog posts about UK Product Source. Each time we do a listing of a UK Product Source we will try to bring you many different and fun items as well as the daily items.

151 Products Ltd have been going since 1997, and supply in large quantities at price that all can afford. For further details on this UK Product Source.

Company : UK Product Source


Phone : 0161 839 5949

Thank you for looking at this UK Product Source

Uk Product Source – CIMC

UK Product Source

We have once again been on the lookout for another hot UK Product Source for you and we have come across this leading supplier into the home lighting and decor niche.

Today’s UK Product Source is CIMC – Lighting.


CIMC is one of the UK’s leading lighting, gift and home decor suppliers and all their items confirm to all the latest safety tests. They keep adding to their fantastic range and adding new and exciting products.


Phone : 0870 443 8280

Hope you find this UK Product Source helpful

UK Product Source – Rainbow Designs


Our chosen UK Product Source this week is “Rainbow Designs”. Rainbow Designs was started in 1971 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Their main focus is on high quality children’s gifts and they carry a large portfolio of Licensed Plush Children’s toys.

Some of the licenses the company hold in the plush toy are are :

Paddington Bear
Winnie the Pooh
Thomas and Friends


And a vast range of other leading Children’s Characters. If you are interested in getting into this great niche pop along to :

Phone : 0870 758 7700



UK Product Source

We are taking a short break from giving UK Product Sources – do not panic only for today.

Today we have chosen a slightly different company called BookSpeed.

Bookspeed 1 

Bookspeed works with you and your business. For example you would like to sell books, but have no idea what titles you want to sell. Here comes BookSpeed, You tell them what products you sell already or what line of business you are in, and BookSpeed will then source titles that they know would work for you and your business.

bookspeed 2

To find out more about this great service that Bookspeed offers you can either go to their website or give them a call.


Phone – 0131 467 8100

Hope you enjoy this UK Product Source

CGE World Globes


UK Product Source

Our chosen UK Product Source, takes us all the way to Reading, and to the home of CGE World Globes.

CGE World Globes

CGE World Globes, have been in the business of supplying top class world globes for over 18 years, so they know their globes and they are a well established business.

To find out more about this UK Product Source you can either :

Phone : 01635 566021


Contacts : Hilary, Chas and Chrissie.

Hope you have enjoyed this UK Product Source.

Puppets Make Cash


For today’s UK Product Source we take you into the land of puppets. And we have sourced this fantastic UK Product Source that sells puppets and everything to do with puppets.

puppet 1 

The Puppet Company is UK based and they are a Trade Only company, so this is good news as you will not be competing with them in the marketplace.

The Puppet company sell over 750, yes 750 different types of puppets and puppet things. Below is a small example of some of the latest puppets that they have added to their range :

puppet 2

To find out more about this hot UK Product Source you can find out more details at there website which can be found at :


Phone : 01462 446040

Hope you have enjoyed this UK Product Source bought to you by Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

Uk Product Source – Cavendish French


Today we are back with another UK product source in the Jewellery niche.


If you are looking for that something extra special to sell then you will not go wrong if you take a look at Cavendish French. Cavendish French only sell top of the range items but within this top quality range they sell high end pieces right through to fun end items to suit all types of people and all types of budget.Cavfren

To find out more about Cavendish French you can visit them at their website :

URL : 

eMail :

Phone : 0800 731 4389

Another UK Product Source bought to you by Andrew Milburn and     My Auction Empires


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UK Product Source – Ashleigh and Burwood

Ashleigh and Burwood 1

Ashleigh-Burwood are a company who have taken the Home Decor range and have gone very niche, they specialize in the home fragrance niche. The market items that are of the highest quality and offer the finest items, but at a price that is affordable.

They sell a vast range of items of Home Fragrances but their flagship items are their fragrance lamps as seen below.


To find out more about this great trade supplier you can go to :


Phone : 01932 267060

Another UK Product Source, bought to you by Andrew Milburn and    My Auction Empires