Thrifting Friday – Some Good Buys


Well today after spending sometime with one of my eBay Consulting clients I visited a few of the local charity shops and bought some items which I will be adding to my inventory. I shall be adding a new section to this blog of items I have either bought or sourced and what how well they have done on eBay.

As I have mentioned before I business relies on product sourcing and then sourcing the products at the right price. Yes it all comes down to the products and the right price (and selling them on the right platform, the place where the buyers are)

Today I spent around £50.00 on items, and once they have been listed and they have sold I will do a post and tell you all how they have done. But from time to time I will also do some live postings and show you how and why I chose an item to sell.

If you have sourced any items good or bad please share them with us over the coming days and weeks.