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While out shopping today, I saw a product that could have been a good money earner if I was in the market for a new niche, but if you have been following me recently you will know I have a large amount of stock that I am selling over at Linford Direct Auctions.

I passed a shop that was selling liquidated stock, they were part of a chain and were one of the last shops to stay open and were selling off all the stock from the other shops and warehouse. So yes there would have been a load of no good items, with some hot items added in there.

Well there in the front of the store was a very large pallet of Helix Maths Sets, with a retail price of £4.99 and they were selling them for only 49p each. Yes these were all in their tins and boxes and on a closer look they seem in new condition, because they still brand new.

And if you hop on over to

they are selling for a price of £4.99, some with free shipping and some with postage costs on top.

Now before you go and source these items, you need to remember these items are basically for school kids, and schools and Universities are back in session and have been for some time. So while there is a demand for this product, the peak has really passed until the next start of term.

Now if I had seen this deal in the summer, I would have spend some money. For an example I could have spend £10.00 and bought 20 items, and flipped them on eBay for £4.99 each and after fees and postage would make around £2.99, times that by the 20 items and I would have made £60.00 profit. Not a bad return, well in my book it is not. Yes I know I did not buy today, but I might when I am back in town, just for a bit of fun and report my findings here.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and take advantage when you can.

4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery

4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery



If you want to start an online jewellery business, then a site such as eBay is the best place that you can start. On eBay you can learn the ropes and also learn what sells and what does not sell. Plus you have the ready made traffic that eBay can bring to the site and this in turn can bring people to the items you are selling.

  • Tip One – You need to find a source to buy your items from, this is the same step that anyone needs to take when looking to sell items online, but when you are dealing in Jewellery there is another factor that you need to think about and that is do you sell new jewellery or do we sell second-hand / antique items. If you are going to buy new then you need to look for jewellery wholesalers – these can be found in places such as the Yellow Pages, doing a search on Google or by going to a site such as WorldWide Brands. WorldWide Brands was set up many years ago to help people source products to sell on and off line. These people check out all the suppliers and they have to meet guidelines before they are listed in the directory. Worldwide Brands is a paid for service, but it is well worth the money for what you get.. Jewellery - My Auction Empires
    If you are going to be selling second-hand and antique jewellery then you will need to visit car boot sales, garage sales, antique fairs and shows, and also run adverts in newspapers.
  • Tip Two – When you are buying jewellery you also need to be on the look out that you are not buying fake items. If you are dealing in the low end costume jewellery side of the business then this is not really a problem. The problems arise when you go into the middle to high end part of the business. You need to know the difference between real and “Fake” items. And even some of the top jewellery buyers are caught out from time to time, so as a new person you need to be careful. You need to make sure you are buying from a real business – go and visit them take a look around, ask questions and do your research.
    And if you get a phone call offering you some pieces of jewellery at silly prices and they ask you to meet them in some bar – decline the offer as chances are they could be stolen.
  • Tip Three – Get to know the terms that jewellery wholesalers and the customers you sell to use. Know the differences between gold plated and gold, if you do not know these simples terms it could cost you your business.
  • Tip Four – Start small and then build your business up, step by step, get to know what your customers (clients if you are selling high end items) want and like. And if you are wondering do people buy £10,000 diamond items online, the answer is yes, and people have spent far more than that.

Have fun, spend time visiting wholesalers and trade shows. Also you will need to keep an eye on the fashion trends and be sensible do not rush in and buy the first items you see do the research.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in the UK

Product Sourcing Hints

Product Sourcing Hints

A question that I am asked on a regular basis is, Please give me some Product Sourcing Hints And Tips. Now that question or statement can be as quick or as long as you like, and it can be as simple and as complex as you like too. But something to remember about product sourcing it is not something that you do once in a while when you need something to sell. It is a lifestyle……………….it will become something that you do on a daily basis, maybe not buying items. But as you go around doing things in your life you will start to see products and ideas that you can look into to buy to resell.

When you are out and about sourcing products, try and think unbranded item, especially if dealing with new items – if you only sell collectibles then this is very different, and will be covered in other articles.

So let’s say you are out shopping and see the latest iPod, then you hear from family and friends this is the latest hot item………….Yes if you go through the huge Apple process of being approved and the finding the money for stock, then months later your stock arrives and you may then sell them at a set price in a set way.

But keep that iPod in your mind. You go online and go to a site such as Alibaba and look for an unbranded MP3 player that does the same things as the branded one does, and thinking about sourcing it from China etc. No interviews to go through, no large amounts, you can buy as few as 1 to test the market. You can sell at any price you like…………which means your profit will be higher. Simple and fun.

Always be on the lookout for those opportunities……………………You are out and about shopping and see a cool gadget that you think will sell. Look on the box and quite often you will see imported by or distributed by XYZ Company. Make a note and when you get home give them a ring or drop them an email. Worst case they will say no.

Other times you may need to put on that detective hat when out and about…………for example for ages I was looking for a supplier of books that I knew sold well but was drawing a blank on where to source them.  Then one day many months later I was in a bookshop minding my own business, buy a book for a present. There was just one girl working and she was having to stock shelves and serve. Anyway because of that there were some boxes lying around the place with items in.

And it was there in that shop that my months of trying to find the source came to an end…………In big letters on the box was the name of the supplier that I had needed. Not only the name but website too. Once home I went online and 10 minutes later, I had an account open at the largest media supplier in the world.

Would I have found the company…………….in the end maybe, but like I mentioned at the start of the article product sourcing is a lifestyle and you need to be doing it on a daily basis, and once you get to grips with it, products will be jumping out at you left right and centre. Hope you enjoyed this product sourcing hints.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire



Sales Down, Do Not Worry

Sales Down, Do Not Worry

Are your sales down? If they are do not worry, it is not you, nor is it eBay or Amazon it is the time of year. Summer is always a slow time to be selling, and small sellers and large sellers always notice this downturn in sales. But please listen carefully, even though your sales are down and other peoples sales are down, it does not mean you should stop selling.

I always tell my clients and other people I help to list as normal – OK maybe not as many items, but you need to remember that although it is Summer where we are and schools are out, in, in other parts of the world it is winter and school are back. Each country is different and people have different buying habits and buying cycles. For example let us say you sell winter coats, and where you live is a heat wave………Your coats sell well all over the world, but because of the heat wave you decide to take it down for a few months. But what about your buyers in other countries where it is freezing cold?  And it also works the over way round when it is winter in one place it will be summer in another place. Please remember this.

The same idea works in Sport. In different countries sports are played at different times of the year and if you sell into this niche, you need to remember this. When Soccer/football finishes in one country it starts in another country. This is life and it is all part of running your own business.

If you are experiencing this down time, spend time in your business planning for the up and coming  holiday planning. Take time out to go product sourcing. You can also tidy up your currant stock and get yourself ready for the big buying season that will be coming up very soon. (Sorry for that).

So remember that during the summer your sales may be down, but do not worry yourself it is across the board and very soon you will see your sales begin to increase again ready for that crazy time of the year.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

What To Sell On eBay – Consumable Products

Consumable Products

One of the big questions I am asked as an eBay consultant is what should I sell, and we will sit down and go through a brain storming session and you will find articles on this blog that will talk about some of the ideas and niches. A lot of the time people go down the one of a kind products and while this is good and good money can be made, there is another niche or multiple niches where you can make money time and time again, and as long as you offer a good product and top notch customer service you will have a customer for life.

Have you ever looked at some of these insurance adverts or cosmetic adverts and wondered to your self how they can afford to give you a gift worth so much and you are only spending a few pounds with them? Well welcome to the world of consumable products. You see the people who make these items know they are good and also know that once you have tried the item you will come back time and time again for it. Also you will tell your family and friends and at the same time buy other items and products from the range. This is the world of consumable products.

Let’s look at an example, you sell some face cream either a brand name or non brand name and you make a profit of 10.00 on each jar. The average person uses 1 jars a month. So you make a profit of 10.00 a month, and over the year that is equal to 120.00. When you look at it like this is become quite “sexy”. But also think about your average customer as long as your customer service is good they might stop with you for 3 years or more, so know you are talking about 360.00 over that time period.

But to keep it simple let’s keep it to the year. 120.00 per person per year from one consumable item, what if you could add another few items into the equation now you could be making 30.00 a month per person. So you can see quite quickly you can build up a nice income from consumable products. Sp next time you are looking at products to sell, go and take a look at the vast niche of consumable products. Do some digging and do some research and soon you will be smiling and laughing your way to the bank.

Finding Niche Products For Your eBay Business

Finding Niche Products

Finding niche products should always be at the front of your mind. Everyday you need to be thinking what product line can I add to my shop, or how can I build a deeper inventory of stock. Finding Niche products when you first start doing product sourcing can be hard, but once you have done it for a few times will you find it get’s easier and easier.

How To Find Niche Products

This is one area that people sadly very often get stuck on. They think it is a science or a closely guarded secret, now while some of the guru’s out there get you to think this way, it is in fact a very easy thing to do. You just need to have your product sourcing head on. There are many different ways of find products to stock your eBay shop and many courses and books have been written about it, but for this article let’s keep it very simple.

@ Carry with you a finding niche product sourcing note book. This can be paper and pen, or nowadays with the modern phones you can use one of the many apps that there are out there. A popular is called evernote.

@ When you are out and about and see a product that you like the look of make a note of the where you saw it, the name, manufactors name and the price. This will help you when you start to look for wholesalers.

@ Look in consumer magazines, and make notes of old products and also of new products that are about to come out. A good tip try and get hold of some overseas magazines and see what products they are talking about. Maybe you can get hold of a product from overseas and be the sole supplier for a time. Yes anyone can do it, you just need to be ahead of the game. Magazines are a great source for finding niche products.

@ Talk with family and friends, ask them what they like doing, wearing, playing and eating.

@ Listen to the TV and radio with a new set of ears. You need your finding niche product ears on. You will hear reporters talking about products and new product launches all the time. Make notes and do some research

@ Lastly in this article visit both Trade and consumer shows. These are a must have tool in finding niche products for your eBay business, and at the end of the day you will come away with many hundreds of ideas, enough to keep your eBay business going many years.

Good luck in your new venture in finding niche products.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay consultant based in Lichfield in the UK.


5 Sure Fire Ways For Product Sourcing

Now that you have decided that you want to sell on eBay either as a full time or part-time business venture, there will come a time when you have sold all the unwanted items from around your home and the homes of of your family and friends. If this is you and you have sold everything around you, do not give up now. You have seen the system works and that you can make some good money, by selling on eBay.

Please do not let people tell you product sourcing is hard. Well yes it can be hard, but only if you let it be so. To start with if you follow some guidelines and look out for products on a daily basis, you will get a good headstart, and product sourcing will become part of your life, and soon you will see products all over the place, and product sourcing will become part of your life.

A good thing to have with you at all times, is a note book and pen, (or PDA etc), and when you see a product you would like to sell or source, make a note of :
@ Where you saw the product.
@ The Cost of the Product.
@ The maker or importer of the product
@ And any other notes that will help you.

While you are making up your Product Sourcing Book, you can be on the lookout for products in all different places.

1) eBay believe it or not is a very good place to buy and source your products from. You can either buy of for resale on the same site, or you can buy off another eBay country site to resell on another eBay site. This is real simple and you can make some good profit this way.

2) Another area where you can go product sourcing, and this will not cost you anything until an item is sold is drop-shippers. Drop shippers keep your stock and once you sell an item, you contact the drop shipper and they send the item to your customer. But please if you go this route check out the drop-shippers and make sure you feel OK using them, and that they are a real company.

3) The third area for product sourcing is craft fairs. When you visit these fairs either at home or when you are on holiday, as you walk around keep your eyes and ears open and think to yourself could I sell this on eBay and if the answer is a yes, chat with the owners and see what happens.

4) The fourth area is Trade Shows, look on sites such as Google, and type on the type of product you want to sell and use Trade Show as a tag and see what comes up. If there is a trade show in your area for the type of product you are thinking of selling, go along and see what is happening, and see all the different types of product on sale to the trade.

5) The last area for quick product sourcing is if you have a friend who owns a “real” shop and they stock items you would like to sell, you can chat with them and see if you can sell for them and be thier online sales arm – for a commission of course. Or they may sell to you at wholesale cost.

The above are just five quick examples of how you can get products in your hands to sell within 24 hours. As you fill out your product sourcing book, you will have many ideas for products, product ranges and different selling examples.

Have fun and enjoy the exciting world of product sourcing.

Uk and USA Product Source Tips

UK Product Source – 020

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and working on line is fun to me, and fun that brings in money. Today is Friday and Friday here at My Auction Empires , is Uk Product Source Day. (And USA and Rest of World)

Product Sourcing is an ongoing thing, if you are serious about your eBay business or e-commerce selling then you should be Product sourcing 24 / 7.

When you are out :

Out with family and friends
Out for a meal
On Holiday

You need to keep your eyes and ears open for the next hot product. Your Childrens or friends children are good spring boards ask and listen what the new programs, groups, music they are into.

Also keep a note of when major sporting events are happening in your country or around the world, as you may be able to buy in products at a low price and sell high when the event is on.

You need to keep a note book with you all the time, and make notes.

Somethings you need to note are :

Name of Product
Where You saw it.
Price range
If Possible suppliers name
Age Range
Gender Range
Any Bar Code etc

By doing this you will be able to do your Product Sourcing a lot faster.

Read magazines and cut out adverts that stand out.

Also look at Press Releases and contact compnaies to see if you can sell thier products for them.

Make Product Sourcing a game, but make it something that you do everyday. Also drill down in a niche:


Pets are a Niche
Dogs are a sub-Niche
Gun Dogs are a sub niche of the sub-niche (but still a large niche)
Spaniels are again another Sub-Niche

With product sourcing you do not want to be in the major niches where everyone is, read, research and do keyword research and find a smaller sub-niche and make your home there. Build a list of customers and when ready move on.

(If you do not know what keyword research is you need to learn fast as keywords form the basis of all businesses. Over at OSI Rock Stars Janelle Elms teaches an excellant class or multiple of classes. And these few classes are worth your yearly fee – honest)

So go on, this weekend, go out and buy a note book and start your 1st Product Sourcing Book, (yes 1st as over the weeks and months you will fill up loads).

Happy product sourcing

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips

A Car Boot Sale In The UK

Well today is Friday and Product Sourcing Day. This week we are going away from giving you a Product source firm or product and are going to talk about an area where you can source products at great prices and can make massive profits.

The area I am talking about is called in the UK Car Boot sales and in the USA are often called Garage Sales. Now I know there is a difference.  Here in the UK a load of cars come together and sell the goods from a car boot, while in the USA you have Garage Sales where people sell from the garage, but quite often several people in the area choose to have a sale on the same day so you do get a large choice.

So How does this help you to source products, well you can go buy cheap and sell high, you can barter for items as well.

Now whether you live in the Uk or the USA and you go to Car Boots or Garage Sales there are a few tips that apply to both.

@ Arrive Early – be there just before or as the sale starts here you will get the best bargins and the first choice, if you leave it too late the best items will have gone.

@ Take cash with you as few people will take a check (cheque) and even fewer will take cards.

@ Set yourself a budget and stick to it (that is unless you see something you  know will sell) but do try and stick to it.

@ Do barter with people but at the same time remember they are in it to make a living or make some money.

Toy Cars are always popular at these types of sales

@ Look for things like toy cars as in the picture above these are often sold in boxes and they work out cheap.

@ Another tip is if you can manage it, go back 30 minutes before closing time and take another look, you may spot a gem of an item, now if you are good at barter or buying you may get the item real cheap or even for nothing. This can happen if the people do not want to take it back with them.

Hope this tips and ideas have helped you with your Product Sourcing.

Happy Selling

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

Product Source 008

Well almost here at the weekend and I have decided to post this a day earlier this week as might not be able to get to my computer. Can you believe that we are on number 008 of my product source section of this blog ?

Anyway my product source for this week takes us into the computer accessories.


The company is called SDA Trading and they can supply all types of computer accessories and their prices are very good.

Also they have a low order amount, which is very handy for eBay and Amazon sellers, so that we do not have money tied up in stock.

It is quite straight forward to ask for a Trade Account and once accepted you can access their Trade Price List which is kept in a password protected part of the website.

The Price list comes in a excel format and is very easy to understand.

Well hope this Product Source helps you with your online selling.

Happy eBaying
Andrew Milburn