What Comes Before The Product

What Comes Before The Product

Today I want to go back to basics, and cover a question a lot of new and even people who have been selling online miss, and that is “What comes before the product” Now do not worry, this is nothing complicated or takes extra money, but if you get this wrong, you can have a great product, thousands spent on adverts and have your item on all the leading websites in the world, and you will not make money.

Yes I am talking doing some basic and I mean basic research, you can do this by asking people, reading newspapers, Google or you can use software such as Terapeak .  But if you are just staring out do it the free way, and you will have fun and doing it.

So you have found a great product, it ticks all the boxes for you. It is easy to ship, it is light and will fit into a box or Jiffy Bag with out problem. The company provide great pictures and even help you with the marketing. It looks like a winner. It is at the right price point for you and there is good profits, you are all smiles, and can see the money rushing into your bank account.

But stop…………………have you asked yourself a few very important questions.

  • Is there a large enough group of people in need of the product. Notice the word need, they may want the product, but do they need it. You see when money is tight people do cut back, on items they would like or want and only spend on products they need.
  • Do the people have money ? Or are you trying to sell to a market that does not have money. The ideal market you are looking for needs surplus cash.
  • Do they have a means of buying from you……………………… Credit Card, Paypal etc. If not then you are onto a loser. When you sell online you need your customers to be able use a card or payment gateways like PayPal etc.

Now when you add those three items together you will be onto a winner. In closing I would like to leave you with a simple thought. Next time you are looking for a product to add to your store, STOP. Then look for the people group first, tick off the list, and then choose your product, that way you will sell more and not have as many bad products. So what comes before the product ? The people group.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire

Feeling Hungry And No Cash At Home

How often have you sat at home, and through the door come a Domino’s Flyer and you start to feel hungry. But then you think, oh I have no spare cash in my pocket. I guess loads of times. But you have just sold some items on eBay, and the money is just sitting there in PayPal. In the past you would have just gone hungry. But wait…………………. PayPal and Domino’s have just signed a deal where you can pay for your pizza with money in your PayPal account and very soon there will be a knock at the door and there is your hot Domino’s Pizza.

Logo of PayPal.
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Yes it is true and I believe over the coming years and months we will start to see PayPal used more and more as a payment processor. Large companies are seeing that people have spare cash sitting in their PayPal account, and to many people this is spare money. So I believe we will see many of these companies offering PayPal as another method of payment. Also with the iPhone and the Android Phones we will see PayPal intergrated into a lot of the apps.

So keep a lookout for PayPal appearing as one of the payment processors with your favourite eating or shopping place.

PayPal iPhone App

If you sell online and sell on sites such as eBay then the Paypal iPhone App is for you. While you are out and about you can check to make sure people have paid you, and follow up on the ones who have not paid you.

But as always eBay and PayPal are one step ahead of the curve for your PayPal App offers so much more. For instance you are out with a mate and they owe you some money, and you both have an iPhone with the PayPal on – well just bump the phones together enter the amount and the amount is transferred. Or there is a group you can split the bill and and each pays what they owe.

In fact the list goes on and on, the PayPal app gets better by the day. For more information you need to check out  https://www.paypal.com/mobile there you can see what a difference this iPhone App will make to your business.

PayPal Top Up Card

Have you wanted to shop online and prefer to use a card instead of cash in shops, but can’t get a credit card, then we may have the product for you.

The PayPal Top Up Card is a reloadable card that gives you the complete control to be able to pay as you go when shopping online, in shops or over the internet or even when on holiday. It is not a debit, credit or store card, but works the same way. It can be used abroad and is safer than carrying cash.

You buy the PayPal Top Up Card card for £4.95 which you can pay for via your PayPal account, if you have one, or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to pay this from your first top up (please note that if you aren’t topping up from a PayPal account, a small fee is charged for topping up). Once you’ve topped up your card, you are free to use it practically anywhere you like, which means almost anywhere you see the Visa symbol. And when you are running low on funds, you can simply top it up again and carry on. It is really as simple as that.

You can be budgeting your shopping, controlling your cash flow or saving your holiday money, using the PayPal Top Up Card helps because this means that you are limited to only spending the money you have put on your card.

The Top Up Card is also great for traveling. It is easier than arranging foreign currencies, and with a PayPal account you can top up while you are away. Please note that there are certain fees payable where transactions are undertaken abroad

Happy eBaying