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PayPal Here Is Here In UK

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Yes it is true the wait is over, and at long last PayPal Here has arrived in the UK. One of the challenges that PayPal has was the format we have over here of the Chip and Pin system. Over in the USA they have the swipe method and this is why it took so long to come over to UK as over here we need a different device to make it work.

For a long time now small business people have been crying out for a simple way to take credit and debit cards while they are out and about. PayPal Here came to the rescue. Just imagine the difference this device will mean to the small business owner.

  • Mobile Hair Dressers
  • Mobile Car Cleaning
  • Window Cleaners
  • Take Away and Fast Food Home delivery
  • Market Traders
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Festival Traders
  • Craft Stalls
  • Farmers Markets
  • And the list goes on and on




For years these people have been desperate for a mobile credit and debit card process. Yes there have been some over the years but most wanted a large upfront payment, large monthly fees and a high percentage from the sales, this made it no good for the average small business person.

People in the UK love to use their plastic cards, but come unstuck when visiting craft fairs the local market, and festivals. They either have to take cash with them and risk losing their money or they just have to look at the items and not buy.

Enter PayPal Here. PayPal Here has a low entry point for the retailer

  • £99.00,
  • No Monthly Fees
  • If the Chip and Pin is used they are charge 2.75% (Which is low just ask any high street shop)
  • If the card has to swiped, or number keyed in the charges are 20p and 3.40% (Again good)

Over the coming weeks and months we are going to see PayPal Here more and more in the UK market place and where as before the small business owner has had to say to buyers sorry no we do not take cards, but there is a cash point just over there and risk losing the sale, they can say of course we can , and pull out their PayPal Here.

Tool Tuesday – PayPal

Today we are back with Tool Tuesday and our chosen tool is PayPal. Now you may be thinking PayPalPayPal, eBay, eBay Consultant, eBay Training, PayPal Invoices a tool? And I agree in my very early days of selling on the eBay platform I would have said the same thing. But now after 13 years of selling I can say 100% that PayPal is a tool.

Over the years PayPal has come a long way from just providing a payment option for eBay into a fully fledged payment processing for both online and now with PayPal Here offline sellers. In fact PayPal has offered a service where people can take orders over the phone and enter them onto a website and PayPal processes the payment.

But with PayPal Here it allows trades people, crafters, yard sellers to attach a small gadget to their phone and within seconds the money is in their PayPal account. So simple yet very powerful.

But that is just the start of what PayPal offers. And over the next months and years I believe we will see a huge increase of products and ways of processing payments both on and offline coming out of PayPal.

As an example of things to come we are starting to see the PayPal logo on mainstream ecommerce sites as well as on the High Street stores and eating places allowing people to use either their PayPal Card, or just by using their Smartphone / tablet and PayPal App.

And when you add the fact you can send money worldwide to family and friends for no cost, I believe we have just seen the start of people using PayPal. And have I mentioned the power of mobile Apps and PayPal……..well I do see some great things happening there, not just with PayPal but also with their group of independent developers.

The future is bright and the future is PayPal. Can I encourage you to start to use PayPal more than just for buying and selling on eBay?

Using PayPal Beyond eBay

PayPal Acceptance Mark

As eBay sellers we use PayPal on a very regular basis to receive payments from our customers and also when we buy stuff. PayPal has become part of our daily lives, and on the very rare times PayPal comes down or has an issue, we think our lives have fallen apart. But this is just part of being in business, and those times are few and far between.

But have you looked at using PayPal beyond selling items on eBay and buying items on eBay? For many the answers is no, and a lot of people do not realize that PayPal can be used else where.   In fact PayPal can be used on a lot of the websites out there and more important you are now seeing some shops and stores excepting PayPal as a method of paying for items.

Also PayPal can be used to send money to family and friends, and as long as you have chosen the gift tab then the people receiving the payment will not be charged any fees. So if you send them £10.00 they will get the full £10.00.

If you have downloaded the PayPal App for your phone you will find there are many cool functions you can use to both send and receive money all from your phone and the PayPal App. And this is just the start. On the coming months and years we will see the use of many new and exciting applications from combing the power of PayPal and the mobile phone.

The following video shows one of the ways a high street restaurant Pizza Express has made an app that allows you to pay your bill using PayPal. Now in the video they talk about the Iphone but I have just checked and you can use the app on Android as we


So why not start using PayPal in a different way and see the difference it can make to your personal and business life.

The Power Of PayPal

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Today I want to cover a subject that we may all think about, and wonder about but to see someone using it and making money from it and better still seeing a massive increase in their sales just because they are using it, confirms all those those thoughts. Yes I am talking about PayPal, but not as we may know how it is used.

As eBay sellers and online sellers we are very used to using PayPal on a daily basis in our businesses, but today while travelling home on the bus I was sitting next door to a girl, who did Avon………..I knew this because she had a pile of catalogues on her lap, nothing strange in that you may think.

But this girl thought outside the box, she had placed leaflets in each catalogue bag and on the flyers she had put, worried about keeping cash in your home? If so I am now taking payments via PayPal. This got my attention, so I asked her had she found that by using PayPal had made any difference to her sales, and with a big smile came a big yes………………….by around 20%.

And it got even better, she said how she put inside the catalogues a form that people gave her their PayPal email address, this allowed her once she knew all the items were coming she sent her customers a PayPal invoice 98% paid within few hours and the rest by the end of the day. For those paying by PayPal they were ordering more items and also higher value items.

For our Avon Rep, it meant she was not carrying around large amounts of cash, plus she knew she had the money almost upfront. I then went on to tell her what I did, and explained how soon we may be seeing PayPal Here in the UK, and how that could help her increase her profits even more due to the fact she could also take credit cards from people.

It just goes to show, that if you think outside the box there are many ways you can use tools such as PayPal, and how they can make your life easier and at the end of the day make more profit for you. This is one of the many reasons I am a big fan of PayPal and their many tools they have under the PayPal brand.

Watch What You Click

Today I just want to go over something that concerns me, as I do not want people to be caught. And I just want to remind you to watchWatch What You Click, email, spam, spoof emails, banks, eBay, paypal what you click. Today while helping out at our Churches Luncheon Club it concerned me to hear that two people had clicked on emails from banks………………and this brings me onto the subject of today’s article………………..”Watch What You Click”

Each and everyday we all receive emails from Banks, Credit Card Companies, Phone Companies which are legal and above board, as more and more people people are doing stuff online, and opting out of postal statements. And this is where people run into trouble they see an email that asks them to confirm something or update something by clicking the link.

STOP………………..DO NOT DO THIS EVER. Instead use the app or bookmark on your computer or just type in the the url of where you want to go and then login in. And if there is a query with your account the bank will flag it there, or they will write or phone you. (Also if you get a phone call be careful on what information you give out you never know)

Some of these spoof emails are very good, but if you look at the closer you will see a spelling mistake, bad grammar or the return email address is a Hotmail or Yahoo one.

The same goes for eBay and PayPal they never ever ask you to confirm a password in an email, they will never phone you and ask you to confirm it. So if you get an email asking you to do this delete it straight away and mark it as spam. And just pass this tip on to everyone you know.

Holiday times see large amounts of these emails coming into peoples email boxes with the hope a few will click. These people work on sending out thousands and a few to click. So please remember……..”Watch what you click”

Living The eBay Life – The Beginning

Living The eBay Life

For along time I have been thinking about doing a online diary (blog) about my life as an eBayer, eBay Consultant / Trainer and Trading Living The eBay Life, eBay, eBay Consultant, eBay Training, Andrew Milburn, My Auction Empires, PayPalAssistant, and at long last I have taken a deep breath and started doing a regular post called Living the eBay life. This will be mixed in with my other posts and finds. So let’s get started and go back to the beginning of time.

Living the eBay life for me has had many ups and downs, but over the past 12 years I have learnt a great deal. There has been times of what am I doing, should I get a real job………….but I pressed on, dusted myself down many times, and I am on a journey. There is a well known saying “Success is a journey and not a destination”, this is so true in many areas of life including selling on eBay.

When I started on eBay there was no PayPal…………yep true payments came mostly through the post, how times have changed. PayPal to me is one of the best things to happen to the online world, it is safe, fast and PayPal have only just touched started, and reading and listening there is much more to come from PayPal, I am so excited.

In the early days I used to sell items from around my home, then bought items at wholesale and then people started to ask me how can we start to sell on eBay, will you show us how to sell on eBay, and can you sell this for me on eBay? These were all things I did, I loved the concept and loved to share my knowledge, but then people started to say, hey people will pay for this you know, so bit by bit I put a business plan together, and slowly I build my eBay business from those small beginnings to what it is now, with clients all over the world.

eBay is fun, it can be run by anyone with a computer, internet connection, camera, and PayPal account, and I hope through the articles on here I will be able to share some thoughts and ideas to help you get started and soon you too will be living the eBay life.

Are You A eBay And PayPal Evangelist?

Are You A eBay And PayPal Evangelist?

How often do you tell people about how you earn your part-time or full-time income. I guess for many people they like to keep it private in case people make fun of them, by selling items on eBay. But let me challenge you today, start to tell the world about eBay and Paypal, spread the good news about the many opportunities eBay and Paypal can give you. In other words become an evangelist for eBay and Paypal.

Yes hands in the air, when I first started selling on the eBay platform I did not tell many people, but I did have an excuse, not a good one, but it was there. My excuse was I was selling on eBay, before there was a .co.uk, I was selling on eBay before there was a PayPal. I remember selling an item then having to wait for a cheque to arrive. Then eBay introduced an online payment system then came PayPal.

But as time went on, I found it easier and easier to chat to people and tell them what I did for a living, I guess you can say eBay and PayPal became part of my life, I live and breath eBay and PayPal ………(does this mean I neglect other sales platforms, no of course not,but for me eBay and PayPal are the backbone of my business)

eBay is part of my life now, I sell  my own products on there and products for other people and now I have the privilege of consulting and training other people and businesses on how they too can fall under the spell of eBay and they can build a lifestyle of freedom. Yes there will be hard times and yes there will be struggles, this is a business. But if you are willing to put in time and hard work the rewards will be there.

Very soon you will be finding yourself telling people how eBay has helped change your life. Maybe in the early stages it will let you have a meal out once a week, and then as the sales and profits grow and increase the rewards will become bigger and better. And you will find yourself without thinking telling people at work and family and friends what you do…………………..and if they laugh at you and tell you yeah, yeah you will soon grow bored of it, stay firm and stay focused, and when you are able to hand in your notice at work, just remind them while they are sat at work, you will be off doing what pleases you, in your own time. And then you will become an eBay and Paypal evangelist and telling the world how eBay has changed your life.

What Comes Before The Product

What Comes Before The Product

Today I want to go back to basics, and cover a question a lot of new and even people who have been selling online miss, and that is “What comes before the product” Now do not worry, this is nothing complicated or takes extra money, but if you get this wrong, you can have a great product, thousands spent on adverts and have your item on all the leading websites in the world, and you will not make money.

Yes I am talking doing some basic and I mean basic research, you can do this by asking people, reading newspapers, Google or you can use software such as Terapeak .  But if you are just staring out do it the free way, and you will have fun and doing it.

So you have found a great product, it ticks all the boxes for you. It is easy to ship, it is light and will fit into a box or Jiffy Bag with out problem. The company provide great pictures and even help you with the marketing. It looks like a winner. It is at the right price point for you and there is good profits, you are all smiles, and can see the money rushing into your bank account.

But stop…………………have you asked yourself a few very important questions.

  • Is there a large enough group of people in need of the product. Notice the word need, they may want the product, but do they need it. You see when money is tight people do cut back, on items they would like or want and only spend on products they need.
  • Do the people have money ? Or are you trying to sell to a market that does not have money. The ideal market you are looking for needs surplus cash.
  • Do they have a means of buying from you……………………… Credit Card, Paypal etc. If not then you are onto a loser. When you sell online you need your customers to be able use a card or payment gateways like PayPal etc.

Now when you add those three items together you will be onto a winner. In closing I would like to leave you with a simple thought. Next time you are looking for a product to add to your store, STOP. Then look for the people group first, tick off the list, and then choose your product, that way you will sell more and not have as many bad products. So what comes before the product ? The people group.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire

Feeling Hungry And No Cash At Home

How often have you sat at home, and through the door come a Domino’s Flyer and you start to feel hungry. But then you think, oh I have no spare cash in my pocket. I guess loads of times. But you have just sold some items on eBay, and the money is just sitting there in PayPal. In the past you would have just gone hungry. But wait…………………. PayPal and Domino’s have just signed a deal where you can pay for your pizza with money in your PayPal account and very soon there will be a knock at the door and there is your hot Domino’s Pizza.

Logo of PayPal.
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Yes it is true and I believe over the coming years and months we will start to see PayPal used more and more as a payment processor. Large companies are seeing that people have spare cash sitting in their PayPal account, and to many people this is spare money. So I believe we will see many of these companies offering PayPal as another method of payment. Also with the iPhone and the Android Phones we will see PayPal intergrated into a lot of the apps.

So keep a lookout for PayPal appearing as one of the payment processors with your favourite eating or shopping place.

PayPal iPhone App

If you sell online and sell on sites such as eBay then the Paypal iPhone App is for you. While you are out and about you can check to make sure people have paid you, and follow up on the ones who have not paid you.

But as always eBay and PayPal are one step ahead of the curve for your PayPal App offers so much more. For instance you are out with a mate and they owe you some money, and you both have an iPhone with the PayPal on – well just bump the phones together enter the amount and the amount is transferred. Or there is a group you can split the bill and and each pays what they owe.

In fact the list goes on and on, the PayPal app gets better by the day. For more information you need to check out  https://www.paypal.com/mobile there you can see what a difference this iPhone App will make to your business.