What Comes Before The Product

What Comes Before The Product

Today I want to go back to basics, and cover a question a lot of new and even people who have been selling online miss, and that is “What comes before the product” Now do not worry, this is nothing complicated or takes extra money, but if you get this wrong, you can have a great product, thousands spent on adverts and have your item on all the leading websites in the world, and you will not make money.

Yes I am talking doing some basic and I mean basic research, you can do this by asking people, reading newspapers, Google or you can use software such as Terapeak .  But if you are just staring out do it the free way, and you will have fun and doing it.

So you have found a great product, it ticks all the boxes for you. It is easy to ship, it is light and will fit into a box or Jiffy Bag with out problem. The company provide great pictures and even help you with the marketing. It looks like a winner. It is at the right price point for you and there is good profits, you are all smiles, and can see the money rushing into your bank account.

But stop…………………have you asked yourself a few very important questions.

  • Is there a large enough group of people in need of the product. Notice the word need, they may want the product, but do they need it. You see when money is tight people do cut back, on items they would like or want and only spend on products they need.
  • Do the people have money ? Or are you trying to sell to a market that does not have money. The ideal market you are looking for needs surplus cash.
  • Do they have a means of buying from you……………………… Credit Card, Paypal etc. If not then you are onto a loser. When you sell online you need your customers to be able use a card or payment gateways like PayPal etc.

Now when you add those three items together you will be onto a winner. In closing I would like to leave you with a simple thought. Next time you are looking for a product to add to your store, STOP. Then look for the people group first, tick off the list, and then choose your product, that way you will sell more and not have as many bad products. So what comes before the product ? The people group.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire

What To Sell On eBay – Consumable Products

Consumable Products

One of the big questions I am asked as an eBay consultant is what should I sell, and we will sit down and go through a brain storming session and you will find articles on this blog that will talk about some of the ideas and niches. A lot of the time people go down the one of a kind products and while this is good and good money can be made, there is another niche or multiple niches where you can make money time and time again, and as long as you offer a good product and top notch customer service you will have a customer for life.

Have you ever looked at some of these insurance adverts or cosmetic adverts and wondered to your self how they can afford to give you a gift worth so much and you are only spending a few pounds with them? Well welcome to the world of consumable products. You see the people who make these items know they are good and also know that once you have tried the item you will come back time and time again for it. Also you will tell your family and friends and at the same time buy other items and products from the range. This is the world of consumable products.

Let’s look at an example, you sell some face cream either a brand name or non brand name and you make a profit of 10.00 on each jar. The average person uses 1 jars a month. So you make a profit of 10.00 a month, and over the year that is equal to 120.00. When you look at it like this is become quite “sexy”. But also think about your average customer as long as your customer service is good they might stop with you for 3 years or more, so know you are talking about 360.00 over that time period.

But to keep it simple let’s keep it to the year. 120.00 per person per year from one consumable item, what if you could add another few items into the equation now you could be making 30.00 a month per person. So you can see quite quickly you can build up a nice income from consumable products. Sp next time you are looking at products to sell, go and take a look at the vast niche of consumable products. Do some digging and do some research and soon you will be smiling and laughing your way to the bank.

Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips

Today I am just going to bring the last two post together. As I have said I do not have a tattoo or know about the market, so I was coming at it from a new persons point of view.

My last bit of research took me to using the phone and chatting to men and women who had Tattoos.

I phoned some of the local tattoo shops and also some of the ones in the larger cities and they all told me that prices go from around £50.00 upto several £1,000 if it was a compex tattoo.

Now the above fact told me that this market had money to spend – now this is very important when you are going into a Niche, you need to find out does this market have the cash to spend.

I also asked the shops if they took Credit or debit cards and they all said yes. – Again this is important for if you are selling online people need to have a means of paying you staright away.

The age bracket I spoke to was between 18/30. And they all said they liked Tattoo’s as art and it made them feel good. – Again they were buying and wanted to buy.

I explained to each person I spoke to I was doing research and nearly all of them were happy to help. Today while I was in town I was having some lunch and I saw two girls with lower Back tattoo’s and one had one on her lower leg. So I thought well could get a slap but went and I chatted to them. They were only to happy to help.

They also thought it was a cool idea to have somewhere to go to get pictures and they would go to a site like that because they want other bits done.

(And this is another point – this market loves their product and will buy – even when only a few people would ever see the end result, and am not joking the one tattoo the girl only her boyfriend or husband would ever get to see).

Also she explained although she had her lower leg done and lower back done there were plenty of other places that she could have done and all her mates had atleast two or three tattoo’s. So why not split designs up into : Lower Back, legs, arms, other bits.

Her mate had now gone back to work , but the other girl still chatted and said if I was going todo this product why not sell body jewellery, Crop tops and jeans so they could show off the art, and she went on and on.

So what am I saying well :

The Niche had a range of magazines and expensive ones at that.

The Niche had money to spare and spend on their Niche.

The Niche had a means of paying for their products.

Also there were other Niches that could be drilled into once they had bought. Such as Jewellery, Clothes.

Also the person who wanted the product did the buying – What do I mean. Well for example a child may want the latest computer game, but he does not have means to buy it, he has to ask a parent.

Well I hope you understood that. And that it has helped you.

And before anyone asks NO I am not going to go into the Tattoo Niche.




Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips


Our First visit is to Google.com to see if people are searching for the Niche Tattoo

And we see a massive 63 Million Searches we done for the Niche Word Tattoo. Now to be honest this is far to big for us to work in so we need to sub Niche.

To do this I go to WordTracker. You can either sign up on a monthly package or you can use their free tool at www.freekeywords.wordtracker.com again type in your niche word. 


 From the above we can see some smaller Niches that we could work in. Tattoo Art and Tattoo Design.

With these two sub-Niches you can sell designs on CD Rom, or in a book format. You could get the pictures from the public domain or design your own.

Hope the above is OK and use your own niche in place of Tattoo. I used the Niche Tattoo because I knew nothing about it so could look at it from a new person.

Andrew Milburn