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UK Product Source – Costco

Today we look at general wholesaler, and the chosen one is Costco. Costco is a bit different from most wholesalers as it is more a buyers club with a Costcomembership fee.

But the yearly fee is well worth it and you can find some awesome buys both on an off line. Also look out for their brand names the main one is “Kirkland”

  • Category :  General
  • UK Product Source : Costco
  • http://www.costco.co.uk
  • 01923 830477

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Sourcing The Life Blood Of Your Amazon / eBay Business

As a Amazon / ebay consultant it has been worrying me recently when have beenSourcing The Life Blood Of Your Amazon / eBay Business talking with people and I hear they have been struggling with sourcing products to re-sell. Yes we can have a grasp of how the numbers all work, what sales rank is and how to buy within sales rank and make sure there are only a few FBA sellers, we can have top marks for that.

But if we cannot grasp hold of how to source and what sourcing is then our business will slowly die a death.Therefore I have decided to spend the next week or so, and look at what sourcing is, and how to do it in a way that is fun and enjoyable and at times can involve your family and friends.

We will look at many different ways of how to source, for example:

  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Wholesale
  • Importing
  • Private Label
  • Craft
  • Trade Shows

As ecommerce sellers we need to learn not only just how to source but to make it a fun part of our business. If we do not enjoy getting out there and finding new products then our business will slowly die a death as there will be no products in our stores for people to buy. And if people keep coming back and find the same items time after time they soon get bored and will look elsewhere.

Over the course of this mini how to source course we will look at many different and creative ways to source products using a range of free and paid for tools. As I mentioned at the start it is good to know your numbers and it is a must, but numbers without products is no good, and products without knowing the numbers is no good either so we need both. And throughout this process you will see how we can do this.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or over on our Facebook Page and we will help you all we can. Lets make this interactive and above all lets have some fun.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well once again we are at the start of a New Year. The old has gone, good or bad it has happened and there is nothing we can do to alter that fact. Yes Ok we can always improve on areas, but a question I am asked time after time by my eBay Consultant clients is well about that or this that happened in our business, or do you think I should have handled that sale different. Well yes of course you might have done it different, but that was all in the past. Yes learn from past mistakes but do not keep going back to them, it only harms you and your business.

We are at the start of a New Year, and whole year set before each one of us to reach our dreams and goals. Do not let past hurts and regrets harm you and your business. Draw a line in the sand and step over it and start a fresh. In fact you can do this every single day. The past is history.

So as we move into 2012 what goals, dreams do you have for your business. It is good to write it down, first your big goals and then you will need to break them down into smaller bite sized chunks right down to daily goals that you can achieve to take your business to the next level and beyond.

For me I have many goals, most will be shared on this blog, and I hope over the months that lie ahead you will see these go from an idea through to a money making business – But remember goals are not always about making money, they need to be for all areas of your life both personal and for your business.

eBay is still going to be the main focus of my business for this year, both in selling and consulting with clients, but I shall be adding Multi-Channel selling as well – Amazon and Etsy, as I believe I am also my clients are leaving money on the table. So I will be blogging about my journey into this area.

Also I want to cover product sourcing, yes I have covered this before but I find this a major question in my role as an eBay Consultant. Time after time clients both new and old ask me “How do I find products to sell” So watch this space.

List, List, List And Then List

Yes it is that time of year when we need to list, list, list and then list. It is not the time for working on new sales letters and themes, it is not time to join new groups and start new projects. We are entering the busy selling selling period.

The other day I was just chatting with someone from my local town. This person has a presence on eBay and Amazon as well as their own website, and she was saying I just need more money. Now I know she knows the answer so I just said to her well list more. And her reply shocked me.

Yeah I know Andy……….but I have just started this new website,and doing this promotion for a nightclub, and starting up a radio show or two to promote clubs. You know when you feel like shaking someone. I said to her why now. I know she has endless supply of products to sell, and she is well connected and can get as much stock as she wants.

But she had lost her focus, yes she needed the money but her focus was on these new projects which were more a fun items. Yes she would earn bits of money from promotions and ticket sales, what with the party season about to start.

I tried to talk to her, and said spend several hours a day and list like mad. And the money would follow. but as yet she has not listed.

I know we all fall into the same trap from time to time, but if we have an

or Amazon business and we need some extra cash we just need to list more items and from this we will get more sales. It sounds very simple and if truth be known it is that simple, ask any of the eBay and Amazon sellers out there.

Set yourself a goal of how many items you want in your shop by the end of November and then divide the number by how many days you have until the end of November and that number will tell you how many items you will have to list.

Have fun and list, list, list and then list, and very soon you will see the money and sales coming into your account.

Buy Hot Items Today


While out shopping today, I saw a product that could have been a good money earner if I was in the market for a new niche, but if you have been following me recently you will know I have a large amount of stock that I am selling over at Linford Direct Auctions.

I passed a shop that was selling liquidated stock, they were part of a chain and were one of the last shops to stay open and were selling off all the stock from the other shops and warehouse. So yes there would have been a load of no good items, with some hot items added in there.

Well there in the front of the store was a very large pallet of Helix Maths Sets, with a retail price of £4.99 and they were selling them for only 49p each. Yes these were all in their tins and boxes and on a closer look they seem in new condition, because they still brand new.

And if you hop on over to

they are selling for a price of £4.99, some with free shipping and some with postage costs on top.

Now before you go and source these items, you need to remember these items are basically for school kids, and schools and Universities are back in session and have been for some time. So while there is a demand for this product, the peak has really passed until the next start of term.

Now if I had seen this deal in the summer, I would have spend some money. For an example I could have spend £10.00 and bought 20 items, and flipped them on eBay for £4.99 each and after fees and postage would make around £2.99, times that by the 20 items and I would have made £60.00 profit. Not a bad return, well in my book it is not. Yes I know I did not buy today, but I might when I am back in town, just for a bit of fun and report my findings here.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and take advantage when you can.

Why eBay


A question I am always asked is Why eBay ? And I will always reply why not eBay. And before we go any further yes I do sell on other platforms and markets. But eBay is and will always be my first place to sell items, and while the other ecommerce platforms will bring in some traffic and sales eBay in most cases will out sell the others.ebay

Why eBay ?


Let’s look at the why eBay from a different angle. You set up a web-site but before the site can go active you need to have it designed and planned and this can cost serious money. Then you need to have it hosted on a secure server, and credit card processing, and then after you have spent a lot of money you need to drive the traffic to your store, and out of this traffic will come buyers. But you will be having to drive the site traffic on a daily basis.

But you then have the eBay model – free to join, free to sign-up for the credit card processing with Paypal. (yes there are the fees with the above two items, but any business has fees. And if you have a shop the basic one is cheap and can test the waters for you.

But eBay has a brand name that is recognized all over the world, and it is not only the name, but the colours eBay use are recognized. You are allowed to sell your items in one of the worlds best known and loved market-places.

Once you have added your listing and added a good title, and some clear pictures and press the launch button, your item will be available to a world wide market, and all this can be done from the comfort of your own home. A fairy story – yes back in the mid ‘90’s but today no. Many thousands of people are making a good full time income by adding items on a regular basis to the eBay market-place and then letting the power of a well known brand name make it’s magic happen in your business.

**A side note……… You will still need to promote your eBay store, in blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc, but this can be low key. You cannot expect eBay to do all the marketing, and we should do some work**

At times you can list items in your eBay store, and within a few days you can have had hundreds of people viewing your items. And the cost pennies to list and the small fee for a store. You cannot match those small costs. If you have a brink and mortar store or a standard web site your ongoing costs will be well higher.

So in closing “Why eBay” – you have a world-wide brand name in both eBay, and PayPal. You have millions of people visiting the eBay platform on a daily basis, $62 billion a year in sales, 60% of that total at Buy it Now, every 5 seconds a mobile phone is sold, every 9 seconds a pair of shoes is sold and every 2 minutes a car is sold, add this with 97 million active buyers and sellers, 200 million listings and 25 million people who make a full time living from selling on the eBay platform. Is that a reason Why eBay ?

Just go and list and make money.

Important Diary Dates For Sellers


Important Dates

We are well into October, so please mark these very Important Diary Datesinto your calendars, mind’s and To-Do Lists. These dates could make or break your

and Amazon business, also if you miss out on the dates you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Before we get into the dates, just for the new people and those who have not gone through a Holiday selling period I want to cover why these are Important Diary Dates. As the Christmas / Holiday season gets closer we as online sellers need to look out for these dates, the reason being we need to be thinking ahead to get stock into our business, shipping supplies in store and make sure we have enough hours in the day to do all the extra listing and the extra shipping that this will bring you.

Important Diary Date One – October 31st (Halloween), – Ok you are not planning to sell Halloween goods on this day, that should have been planned back in the summer. But Halloween is the starting point where you will see sales start to climb for the Holiday and Christmas buying period. Are you ready ?

Important Diary Date Two – Black Friday (This year it is November 25th). Black Friday is traditional the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It is when the retail stores have their busiest sales period. This day also shows a marked increase in retail sales here in the UK.



Important Diary Date Three – Cyber Monday (This Year it is November 28th). As the name suggest cyber Monday is when there is a massive peak in online sales. This peak happens on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  As online sellers we need to watch this day and make sure we are well prepared for the sales that will come in.

Important Diary Date Four – Super Saturday, this is the last Saturday before Christmas, but this year 2011 it is expected to be Saturday 17th, as the 24th is Christmas Eve. This is the last Saturday for people to get their last minute shopping items in time for Christmas and the Holiday season.

Important Diary Date Five – Hanukkah, make a note of this date and send out emails and offer items for sale to this important Holiday festival.

Other Important Dates – Other dates you need to mark in your diary are Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day. The main reason is while you might not make any sales in your own country on those days (but last few years I have done), we run an international business and while it maybe Christmas Day where you live, somewhere else in the world may have had Christmas Day and else where it is still Christmas Eve.

So make these Important Diary Dates down and see if you can apply them into your online business and make some extra money.

Pretty Girls And eBay

Pretty Girls And eBay

A question I get asked time after time by people is can I use any picture in my gallery to sell an item. My answer is a big no. The picture in the gallery must always match up with what the item is you are selling. In recent months we have seen a large amount of sellers using pictures of pretty girls or handsome guys. Now while I have nothing against this, if you are selling something like make up, diet or fitness item. But when you see a picture of a pretty girl and the item they are selling is a light bulb, you have to ask yourself the question why.

The answer is very simple really………………a pretty girl or handsome guy helps to drive traffic. Your eye is drawn to the picture, and not the listing and you just click on the listing, because of the picture, and the sellers who use this method know if they get enough people click on the link they will make a sale.

For a bit let’s look at the bigger picture, of using pictures against the spoken word. You turn on the TV, and there is an advert for a charity raising money for famine. The charity and the person doing the voice-over can say loads of things, how these people and children are starving, and then put up a phone number………………many will phone in and pledge money.  But show some pictures of starving children, with a voice-over and phone number and the phones go red hot. The same goes for animal charities. The advertising agencies know, pictures are very powerful, and one picture can be as powerful as loads of words.

Bring this into your eBay business, and some big sellers know that a picture of a bag of drill bits will help them sell drill bits……………but what if they have a picture of a pretty girl and the title all about drill bits……………..and once the buyer clicks through there is the normal listing, and the proper pictures of drill bits. Was this being deceiving……………a bit yes, well a large bit.

You need to use pictures that match what you are selling and not use a picture just to drive traffic to your listings. You need to be open and honest and if you use wrong pictures, people will soon know, and will by-pass your listings and go to someone who has the proper picture.

But if you are selling cosmetics, or teeth whitening stuff, use a picture of a pretty girl with a lovely smile, your buyers will expect this.

How To Have Your Own Product

How To Have Your Own Product


For many people selling online their dream is to have their own product that they have thought about and dreamed about for months and maybe even years, but there are things that are always stopping them take that leap of faith.

  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Time
  • What If…………………

But today I would like you to put all those thoughts to one side, get rid of them and through them out the window. I want to tell you, that you can have your own product on sale not in a few months time, but in a matter of days and if you have some resources you can have your very own product range on sale in a matter of hours, and for very little cost.

Now before I start, I want to make it clear this will not be something earth shattering, it is not complex, but at the end of the day you will something that you have designed and invented your very self.

How To Make Your Own Gift Basket Product


First out of the block is having your own gift basket product range. Let’s say you sell skin care items, why not mix and match a few that go together – add some tissue paper to the bottom of a wicker basket, display the items on the tissue paper and then wrap the whole gift basket in cellophane and add a ribbon. Straight away you have added extra value. Let’s say the four items of skin care would normally retail for £5.00 each by making them into a set, you have added extra value, but by putting them into a gift basket and making it look pretty you could retail this for say £30.00. And that extra £10.00 will cover the little extras you used.

Think out side the box – you can do baby gift baskets, men’s, sweet’s, Christmas and the list just goes on and on. Spend some time brain storming ideas and see what you can come up with and watch the money roll in.

How To Make Your Own Bundle Product


This is another take on the gift basket idea. A bit simpler, but  you are still adding value to a product and something you can call your own. For example let’s say you sell children’s colouring books on their own they are quite cheap. But if you add some colouring pencils and a case, you have added extra value to all three items and this means you can sell at a higher cost.

Again thinking along the lines of a children’s colouring book, why not make your own up. This sounds hard, but all you need are some Public Domain (And they must be Public domain) line drawings, and make up packs for children and parents. Think Holiday Packs, Animal Packs, Nature Packs, the sky again is the limit. These are low cost packs to make but can bring in repeat orders time after time.

I hope the above few ideas have started to help you think outside the box and shows how quickly you can have your own product out on sale on sites such as eBay and Amazon. We will have other ideas and thoughts for you on How To Make Your Own Product another time, but for now go and have a go and see some money come into your accounts. Have Fun

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant

How Does eBay’s Make Offer Work ?

How Does eBay’s Make Offer Work ?

A question that I get asked time after time by new people and by those that have been selling on the eBay platform for a long time is what and how does eBay’s Make Offer work? Well before we get any further I would like to clear up a small point, it is called Best Offer, but for some reason people call it Make Offer, Make Me an offer, or Best Offer.

If you stop most people in a country where they have an internet connection and ask them a question you will get a response something like….it is an online auction, a big car boot, an e-commerce site and several other answers. Yes eBay is all that and so much more. It did start life as an auction site and then they added a buy it now function where people and businesses could sell their items at a set price. Then one day they launched “Best Offer” “Make Offer”, and this opened up a whole new playing field for sellers and buyers.

So what Is Best Offer / Make Offer ?


The best way to describe it is an auction in reverse. Instead of you bidding the item up in price, you send in a lower offer price to the seller and wait for them to respond back to you with a Yes, No, or Counter Offer. For example let us say you have your item on sale for £50.00, and have Best Offer set up, someone can send you an offer of £40.00 or any price, it is up to you to say yes, no, or you can send them a counter offer of anything between £40.00 and £50.00. Now the seller can either say yes, no, or send you another offer. This can happen twice in a 48 hour period. Once you or the buyer has said yes the deal is done and the item has sold, and you go through the same invoice process as you would normally.

You can automate the whole process, and now while this is good, it does have it down side as you set the figures and their is no human interaction. Let’s say a customer has bought 10 items and they are looking for a bit of discount, now they could put in a Best Offer at a slightly lower price and include a note saying they are looking at buying 10 items and would you except this lower price. If it was on automatic and was below the figure you set it would be an automatic decline, as the system cannot read notes.
But if you had got it set to manual, you would have read the note, and made up your mind.

Hope this has helped you with the question “What is Best Offer / Make Offer”

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In The UK