Swipe Files

Swipe Files

If you have been around internet marketing for some time you will often hear the word or phrase swipe file. So what is a swipe file and why do you need a swipe file for your business?  And do not worry if you do not know what a swipe file is, by the end of this article you should be an expert.

Ever since the world of sales and marketing began people kept a swipe file. In very simple terms all a swipe file is, is a folder or boxes of sales letters, catalogues, brochures, magazines and newspapers. When you look at some of the top Direct Marketers in the world people such as Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and many others they will all talk about their swipe files. Yes even these great men and women use them, and if they use them so should we.

Also when you get a piece of Junk Mail in the post or in your newspaper I want you to keep them and file them away. And I want you to do the same for those spam emails, set up an online file system and keep copies of them. Yes keep spam !!!

Now the reason you want to keep these pieces of mail etc is to give you ideas when you are looking to write an article or title or description. Now please note you do not copy it word for word, but you can do is use it as a template. And by using it as a template you soon will be writing headlines like the pro’s.

Let’s look at an example “When I Sat Down At The Piano, They Started To Laugh.. But When I began To Play…………………………” Now that was a very famous headline written to sell a mail order course teach people how to play the piano. And it sold millions of copies. Now have a think, how many times have you seen tis template use? I would say many times.

You see people all over the world have taken the title as a template and just played around with the words for their niche.

The same can go for catalogues collect as many as you can, look how the pictures look, the way they hold the camera, and back grounds they use. Look how they use colours etc.

When you have time pop along to the newsagent and scan the women’s magazines and make notes of the titles and teaser copies. These people are paid very good money. Get inspired by them and take you business to the next level by using a swipe file.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

Tool Tuesday – Google Reader

Tool Tuesday – Google Reader

Well here we are with another Tool Tuesday and the one I have chosen for you is Google Reader. Google Reader is not so much of a money making tool on the surface, but as you start to use it you can see how it can make you money and also over time as well save you money.

As business owners we are very busy people many of us having to run all the different parts of our businesses on our own, but at the same time we like and often need to keep up to date on what is happening in our different niches and Industry news. Now normally we have a list of different blogs we go to, and another list of places that we should go to for information but due to time we often miss out of some important information.

With blogs and websites we want to go to them but just do not have the time to go through everything and then get side tracked by all the other posts and pages. Well stop right there…………………….help is at hand with Google Reader. In simple terms what Google Reader does is use the RSS feed from the blog and push the information to your Google Reader.  All it takes is a few mouse clicks.

Then the magic all starts. Everytime a Blog or RSS feed is update it is pushed to your Google Reader and it is sitting waiting there for you to read. You can do settings within the reader to show whole post or just the title. For me I have the whole post. I see the heading and if it is of interest I cick it and again if by magic I get the whole post or article.

Now the magic just keeps on coming with Google Reader, you can read this on your computer, phone, Ipad, Tablet, so you can read the posts where ever you are in the world.

Listing Goals

Listing Goals

Can you believe that we are already well over half way through the year. For those of us who make a living selling online most of us have thought if not already ordered our Holiday and Christmas lines. Yes it sounds very frightening but Christmas is only a few short months away, and our customers will soon be buying Christmas items. In fact if you do some research you will find many people have already listed and sold Christmas / Holiday lines.

So what are Listing Goals? A listing goal is something that you commit to on a regular basis. For instance you might say I want to list 200 items a month. Now that may sound a lot, but what you need to do is to break that down into daily amounts. So we take the 200 lists and divide that by 30 days, and the amount we come out at is just under 7 items a day. Now what you need to think, can you manage that number each and everyday? As you write your listing goals, you need to think how many items have I listed in the past and if that number is only one a week, you may need to adjust the daily toltal.

Once you have hit the daily listing goal for a few weeks, you may feel like upping the amount you list. Something to remember notice I say listings not items. You can have as many items in each listing as you like, but I am talking about separate listings. eBay is no different from any other online or offline business, the more you list or stock the more you sell. You need to think like a buyer, how often would you go to a shop that only had a few items and the stock never changed? Now let us flip the coin, if the shop was full of items, and the stock was always changing you would keep going back time after time seeing what was new, and not only seeing but buying as well.

Well the same goes for eBay, and the old saying is still true today as it was all those years ago. “The more you list, the more you sell” So right now take a pen and paper and write down a listing goal, and then commit to it. Have Fun.

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires Are eBay Consultants Based In Lichfield Staffordshire.

Proven Amazon Course Part 4

It has been quite a while since I updated this review, I did this for a good reason I really wanted to try out the plan and see what results I got. And as this course is not a Get Rich Quick business I decided to take my time.

Proven Amazon Course

The weeks and months have passed by, and I have if I am honest played with Amazon FBA, but it still has worked. And once I get some of my other projects out of the way and but more time and effort into the business model, I know I will earn more money. The Proven Amazon Course is something I call a living business course. I call it this for the simple reason they are tweaking and changing it all the time and for the fact that they have an active forum. This forum is worth the fee you pay for the course, as the forum is active and people are willing to help you with your business 24/7.

Proven Amazon Course

Here in the Uk we are fast approaching Summer holiday time (and I guess the same all around the world – schools are out) and parents who run an eBay or Amazon do not have as much time to list and send out items. So this got me thinking outside the box so to speak. With Amazon FBA they will send items out to your eBay customers, Etsy Customers, in fact any of your customers. So why not send some boxes of your items to Amazon FBA and let them deal with the shipping?

You can now spend time with the kids, go on holiday and know that your orders will be shipped out, by one of the largest mail order companies in the world. You get your eBay orders, while you are on holiday, you send a few emails to Amazon and within hours those orders are on their way to your customers. No more putting the shop on holiday mode.

If you are serious about selling physical items online then this course is a must have reference. The Proven Amzaon Course has been written by people who walk the talk, and I am afraid I give it a 10/10 again, sorry to be boring but it is that good.

Under Promise And Over Deliver

Under Promise and Over Deliver


Now as you read the title of this article “Under Promise and Over Deliver” I can hear some of you shout WHAT. We are in sales and should sell, sell, sell all the time, we should offer and tell our customers we have the best thing since sliced bread. And yes I do agree with you, but over the years I have been studying some of the op online and offline marketers, both in the Internet Marketing field and in the general market place, a lot of them stay under the radar. They offer great products, with great prices, but they always under promise and over deliver.

This week I watched the latest episode of The Apprentice here in the UK and the task was to come up with a top end biscuit, brand, and pitch the end product to some of the leading supermarkets here in the UK. Now the team who won had a massive order from one of the supermarkets, but a point that Lord Sugar picked up and told them off on was the pitch……………… They promised massive TV adverts, with movie stars and massive press adverts. Lord Sugar told them they had over promised, and could not deliver on the promise.

The same goes for your eBay business when you are writing your titles and your descriptions, you needed to under promise or under sell and when your client or customer gets their order delivered to them and opens the box they have that WOW factor. You have over delivered. So how can you apply this to your eBay business.

Well one way is if you are selling children’s toys that require batteries. In your listing you put all about the toy and at the bottom you put a note that says **please note this item requires 4 batteries**, the customer knows this when they buy and will be prepared to buy the batteries when the item comes. Now comes the over deliver part, you put the batteries in the box free of charge for the customer. This will put a smile on their face.

The above example is only one way you can over deliver and under promise you just need to think about your own business and go that extra mile. So next time you do a listing and send out a parcel think how you can under promise and over deliver.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire.

What Is Drop Shipping

What Is Drop Shipping ?

Drop shipping is one of those words that you will hear about once you have been selling on sites such as eBay after a few months. In fact if you do a quick search on eBay right now you will find people offering drop shipping guides and resources for silly money 0.99. Please be careful with these. I am not going to say stay away as you can find some useful information in them, but most of the information is rubbish.

Why Use Drop Shipping ?

One of the main reasons a person uses a drop shipping company  is to save on money and also storage space. We all have room for a few boxes of DVD’s, CD’s, Postcards, but when it comes to things like Travel Systems for babies or hot tubs, how many of those could you store in your home. Not many I would guess. This is where a drop shipper comes in. The store, they ship, and some will even deal with customer returns. They allow you to sell unlimited stock and items without the expense of buying in stock that could sit there for months on end.

But when you are looking for a drop shipper please be careful. While there are good ones out there, there are many who just want to charge you an up front fee (Ok 9.99 is not a lot of money to loose not is 25.00 – these are average costs some drop shippers charge – but just multiple that number by 1,000 of people a year and you can see a huge profit for these drop shippers.

Another thing to look for when dealing with a drop shipper is they are a proper wholesaler, by this I mean, are they a retail site as well. If so very often you will have to compete with them when selling online. And as they hold the stock……………………….. they will win, you will loose.

When you have found a product range you like, pick up the phone, email or even visit them, and tell them what you do and ask if they will drop ship for you. You will be surprised as many will say yes and most will not charge you a penny to join. You may find the prices they charge are a few pounds more, but that is understandably as they are doing all the work for you. You just market, sell, and pass on name and address and the amount they ask for (wholesale price), what is left is your profit.

Tomorrow I will talk more about this exciting venture and profit model called drop shipping.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

Tool Tuesday – Postage Scales

Postage Scales

Postage Scales are a must have tool if you are looking to make money in selling on eBay. Now if you are new to eCommerce and selling real products that need to go into the postal system you may be thinking why would I need Postage Scales. Well if you are very good at guessing weights then you might have an excuse – but sooner or later you will get caught out.

Postage Scales are very important when you are selling on places such as eBay, they allow you to work out how much an item costs to post well before you even do the listing on eBay. This will help you when it comes to working out your postage costs and also will show if you can offer free shipping.Postage Scales

When I first started out I just used a pair of cheap kitchen scales, but as time went on and I was selling more and more, I decided to invest in some proper Postage Scales. And I can tell you they have been wonderful. No more guessing and no more losing out when the kitchen scales weighed wrong. Proper Postage Scales are very good with low weights so they will weigh very light items right through to large and heavy items.

Postage Scale Facts

As with everything postage scales come in all sizes and price ranges to suit all budgets. When you buy your first set, go for ones that weigh in grams / KG and also ounces and pounds. This is because different carriers use different methods. Another tip I found very useful was try and buy a pair of postage scales where the number panel comes off the base. This is so you can weigh bulky items and hold the dial in your hands. (Hope that makes sense !!!)

Lastly when you are buying Postage Scales buy ones that weigh upto 20kg+ this will allow you to weigh most items you will be selling online.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay consultant based in Lichfield UK

Musical Instruments And eBay


How often have you or if you have children had a go at playing a musical instrument, and after a time just given it up ? I would guess if you were honest a few times, and for some is quite a few times. We go out and spend our hard earned cash and then a few weeks later just go and place the musical instrument in a cupboard or loft. And if we added all this up it would shock you , and of course let us not forget the music books, how to videos, and a load of accessories for each instrument you had a go out.

Well help is at hand to get some of that money back, sell it on eBay. Do a listing, add some pictures, and try putting up a simple video of you or someone playing the instrument – This will help new buyers hear and see what they are getting, and as these items are good sellers on eBay you will soon have some cash in your bank account.

Simple yes, and it works.

But remember we always like to give you more here at My Auction Empires, so once you have had a go at selling some musical items of your own, let some friends and family know what you are doing and sell their unwanted musical instruments and charge them a commission for doing so. This will make everyone happy.

Want more…………………………. Well put simple adverts in newspapers and notice boards and let them know you are willing to sell their unwanted musical instruments for them on eBay, and you just charge them a commission for doing this work. And remember try using video in the listings as this will bring you in more viewers and of course we know more viewers mean more buyers and higher prices.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire