UK Product Sourcing – Chocolate Bundles












We are back with another UK Product Sourcing Tip and today looking at Chocolate and
Bundles.. Each on their own can make you money but when you bundles chocolate with some other products you are adding wonderful profit to your item  and bank account.

On the way home from Church walked into Lichfield and had a look in some shops before catching bus.

Several discounted sales in the shops, but picked up Thornton’s Chocolate 5 boxes for £20. This works out at £4.00 a box. Retail for £12.00 So on their own can make money but these will be bundled with candles and bath smellies.

Now you can buy the extras from places like Poundland, Home Bargains or B&M type stores.  Or from sights like

Always Remember keep those bundle radar eyes and ears open

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