How To Re-purpose Your Marketing Material

How To Re-purpose Your Marketing Material

A question I often will get is how do you re-purpose your marketing material for your niche. Now with all the latest reports and guides that are doing the rounds at the moment, you may be think that this is something new and hot. Well sorry to disappoint you, the art of re-purposing the written word is nothing new at all, and it is something that has been going on for many years – in fact since the printing press began.

Yes there are lots of these reports and guides out there that tell you how to do it, and how it works so well in the Internet Marketing Business world field. But please listen this works in any field you may choose and if I am honest it works even better in some of the smaller niches, as it has not been over used.

Now some of you may be thinking what does it mean to re-purpose your marketing material, so to help you understand what it means let me give you an example of what it can look like.

@ Take for example the book Harry Potter.

@ The book has been turned into a movie

@ The movie into DVD

@ DVD into spoken word

@ Spoken word into a range of clothing

@ Then you have the fair ground rides

@ Also badges, pens, and loads of other items

@ Food

So you see from a book you can get a whole range of other related items, that have the potential of driving traffic or sales to each other. In fact someone who sees the film, may then go and buy the book. It is a win – win situation.

How To Re-Purpose Your Material

Let’s say that you have written a blog post and added it to your blog, now many people would stop there and leave it at that and loose out on a lots of traffic to their site.

  • You could re-write or spin the article and add it to an Article Directory or a few.
  • You could read it out and turn it into an mp3 and make a mini podcast and add it to iTunes.
  • Make a PowerPoint and a voice over and add it to YouTube
  • Submit it as a Press Release and add it to the Online Press Release Companies

The above is a quick example what you can do with just one simple blog post. Remember the more places you put your name out there the more back links you get, the more back links you get the more traffic and the more traffic means more sales. Also some of the sites allow people to share the items with others, so in a short period of time you can be all over the internet.

As time goes on I will add other ideas and thoughts as to how you can re-purpose your marketing material and generate more traffic and thus get more sales.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire.


How Long Should My eBay Description Be

How Long Should My eBay Description Be

A very common eBay question I get is “How Long Should My eBay Description Be ?” And to be honest there is no set answer to the question. There are ideas and thoughts on How Long Should My eBay Description Be ? but no one has come up and spoken out on what they think is the right answer. But what people have said and I stand in agreement with them on………………..It needs to be long enough to sell your item.

When I sit down with a client, and have gone through all the basics of listing an item, I will then spend sometime with them on this subject. Now I am no expert and like many of us in the world of online and offline selling I too am still learning and also experimenting as well.  As in anything in business and marketing we always need to test and tweak. But if we go back to the statement that it needs to be long enough to sell your item, then that is a start.

If you are selling a 0.99  item then your listing will most likely have a picture and a few bullet points, where as if you were selling an item in the hundreds or thousands of dollars or pounds you will have many pictures and a lot of detail in your description. As I sit with my clients, I tend to go over a few points which I will share with you below.

How Long Should My eBay Description Be ?

It needs to be long enough for someone to understand the item without it getting boring. A good way of writing it, is by sitting down and either imagine (or have a friend there) that you are telling your best friend all about this wonderful product you have found which will change their lives for the better. You need to sell the item, but at the same time do not go over board with hype. Be open and honest with people.

Go and take a look at other listing on eBay for similar products and see what over sellers are doing. Look for the Top Rated Sellers as these people know what they are doing. Now if they all use one picture and two lines of basic text. Guess what so do you. But if they have a dozen pictures and page after page of description and they are selling loads of the item. Guess what so do you. Now please do not copy the words and pictures, use what they are doing as a template. Do your own research and take your own pictures.  you must never ever copy someone else’s listing period.

Another thing you can do is look at adverts in newspapers and the Sunday supplements and look at how these people write their adverts and lay out the pictures and wording – these people are experts and know what they are doing, so it is a good idea to “swipe” examples and keep them in a file to give yourself thoughts and ideas if you get stuck.

I hope the above has given you some ideas on How Long Should My eBay Description Be.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Bases In Lichfield Staffordshire


Just Do Something

Just Do Something

Earlier this week I did a blog post about a book called The Final Summit. I am not going to tell what the book is about as you will need to go and buy it and I do not want to spoil what you will learn, but what I will tell you is that the main point of the book is Just Do Something. Now Ok there is far more to the book than Just do something, but you will find that when you read it.

So how can you apply the Just Do Something principal to you life and business, well the answer is simple it is Just Do Something, but I will give you some ideas and thoughts in this article to start you thinking and get the process into action in your life.

You are wanting to grow your eBay and Amazon sales, you have been selling a few items a week, but right now you need to be selling 5 a day. So the first thing to do is to list things on a daily basis where possible. be adding new items on a regular basis to your listings, this will make people come back time and time again. Also because people are coming back they will also buy on a regular basis. In online sales it is a well known fact that the more you list the more you will sell. So Just Do Something today.

You need to grow your business to the next level – each day do something, and it does not matter how small or big the something is as long as it is something practical and aimed at making your business grow, then guess what the simple action of doing something on a regular basis will take you and your business to the next level.

Each week you share with family and friends how fed up you are with all the povety in the world, you sit there saying this charity should do this and this govererment should do that, guess what I would say to you. Well why do you not do something. Yes each one of us could take some action and do something, and if every person took on the same idea the world would be a better place.

Sorry if this article sounds like I am getting at people, but honest I am not, I am also speaking to myself as well. Instead of us moaning and complaining that this is not happening or our business is not making us as much money as we would like, take some time out, do some thinking and then Just Do Something today, and if you take these steps each and every day you will find your online business and personal life will look totally different this time next year.

Please do not just sit back and talk and moan about things, take the action that is needed and Just Do Something


Life Beyond eBay

Life Beyond eBay

Yes there is Life beyond eBay. Before I get letters and emails, do not panic, I am not leaving eBay and will not stop writing about eBay and giving you tips and ideas on how to take your business and eBay store to the next level. And it is the next level that I want to talk about to you today about. So don’t panic, grab your self a cup of coffee, sit back and let’s see if there is life beyond eBay.

As you look around the internet there are more and more sales channels opening up, that allow you to sell your goods and services on. Some are hear today and gone tomorrow, while others have grown week by week. Ok these sites are not as big as eBay (or Amazon), but they are growing and some serve a niche such as Etsy – Craft, and Vintage market.

Now if you are new to eBay I would not suggest signing up for every site that you can find and see, you can do, but this will only lead to disaster. One thing the fees could kill your business and if you do not have a process in place you will sell an item on one site and forget to delete it off the other sites and so you could double sell an item and if you only have one of that item……………… there is trouble.

For an example, let us say you are selling books and Cd’s on eBay, once you have got the basics down and know how to list and ship items out after a few months start to list on Amazon and then when you have learnt the basics and feel happy, branch out to another site. Now although the basics seem the same, selling items, the way the sites work are all different.

Always be on the lookout for new sales avenues and see if they will work for your niche. Again if you are selling CD’s, a site like Etsy might not work as it is a craft site……………………but think out the box. You sell Cd’s, and you always have a btach that are scratched or do not play, normally you just skip these. Stop and re-think, your wife, daughter or yourself are good at craft, and you have a talent of turning a Cd into a clock or coaster.
In your spare time turn those scratched Cd’s that are worth zero money, and turn them into something you can sell for say $20.00 and sell it not on eBay but on Etsy.

The above  was a silly example, but it is an example that can work and can make you money. But if eBay is your main earning channel, keep selling on there, fine tune what you ,do, tweak when needed, but always keep that eye and ear open for other selling methods and see if there is really Life Beyond eBay, and if there is add it to your sales channel.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

So How Do You Sell More Items In The Summer Holidays

One of the things that saddens me is the fact that a lot of eBay sellers tend to almost shut up shop during the summer holidays – and yes a side note here it is not only eBay sellers it is sellers in general both off line and on line. Why? Well their mind set is often, well schools are out, people are away and this means we will not sell any thing. Well I have something to say about that grow up and do not be so stupid. Sorry if that offend some people, but it is so true.How to sell more during the summer season

Now Ok some niches may be a bit slower, but these are few and far between and the ones it does effect the sellers in those niches are often prepared and sell or market other items, or sell enough throughout the rest of the year and they are able to survive. But the article is all about how to sell even though the world is on holiday. But before we get into the main meat of the article lets look at a few pointers.

  • Yes it may be summer holidays and schools out where you are, but we are selling to a world wide audience – Yes it is winter in some countries.
  • Schools may be out where you live, but else where even in the same country they may be just going back to school or still at school.
  • Another fact that people tend to forget is not everyone goes away at the same time, and horror or horrors some people never go on holiday at all.

The above are just a few facts that us online sellers tend to forget, the fact that we are selling to the world.

So how do you sell more items in the summer?

  • The first one, will make you all think I have gone mad, you need to list more. Honest it is true, the more you list the more you will sell. But also use this “quiet time” to start to list the Christmas and Holiday items you have in stock. Get the items out in front of your customers. Let them get a taste of what you will be selling in the coming weeks and months. Also list all those items you have been meaning to list but have be too busy to list.
  • Always answer your customers emails promptly. It is good practice to answer your customers questions within a few hours of them coming, if possible sooner than that.
  • Fine tune parts of your listings, there may have been some areas that you have been wanting to do, but time was not there. Do these tweaks now, well before the big buying season starts.
  • Start to list those Halloween items and Thanksgiving items, people will be buying them any time now, and if you have yours up and running now, guess where people will buy from? Yes you, as you are the one who is prepared and has items ready to go.

But the main thing is have fun and list items everyday, do not cut back on your listings and guess what, soon you will see your sales increasing and when people say, where your sales down again this year like mine, and with a smile on your face you can say no, they were up and I had the best summer selling season ever.

Just go and do it.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire


Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing

Earlier today while I was doing some listing on eBay I was listen to a podcast by Seth Godin talking all about market and permission marketing. If you have not heard of Seth before go and do a quick Google of him and watch, listen and learn from the man and then put into action what you have learnt. But one of the stories that he told really struck home with me and got me thinking how can we put this into place into our eBay business, and with a few tweaks I think we could and make it work.

The story went something like this. –

Hallmark Cards are one of the largest retailers of cards and the people who visit their shops on a regular basis in the USA buy on average 52 cards a year not including Christmas, but for some reason card sales dropped off in July. And it appeared it was just July and then in August they picked up again. This got one of their employees thinking how they could make sales and make profits in July, so he came up with the idea of selling collectible Christmas decorations and sell them in July.

Now when you first hear this you think who would buy Christmas Decorations in July, then come home and store them to Christmas and bring them out and put them up……….. well hundreds and thousands did. And if my memory serves me right in year two they sold $100 million and made a profit of $92 Million. (but please do not quote me on this). But the story does not stop there.

Remember how I said they were collectible?  Well when someone bought an item the sales person asked them a question or two. They said would they like some advance warning when the new decoration was out, most of the people said yes and gave over Name, and Address. Roll on year two, the cards all went out in med- July 24 hours later the Hallmark Shops were all sold out of stock and that is where the $100 Million sales came in and this built year in and out.

But also something else happened, when Christmas came around and that first decoration went up, people had friends around and showed off this new Hallmark Decoration and of course they loved it and asked where it came from. Their friend said it was a collectors club and next July when they get the card telling them the date when the new one will be out they would take them with them.

Hallmark have never had to do large advertising it has all been done by postcards and permission marketing.

So How Can You Add Permission Marketing To Your Business ?

Let’s say you sell a range of products that are only available certain times a year, you could build up either a snail mail list or an email list and when the time comes for these items to be in stock and you have them listed on the site, you send out an email and let them know. These people have already said they want to know, they like the product and they have money waiting to buy from you. This is permission marketing.

Or you sell a certain range of items that are quite hard to find, you build up a list of buyers of this item and when they come into stock, you just send out an email.

In all these cases the buyer has said “I give you permission to market to me” – or they are ready and willing to spend money with you.

Andrew Milburn, eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

Simple Steps To Improve Your eBay Listings

We all sign up to eBay and list our items and then because we have paid our listing fees, shop fees if we have a shop and then when the item sell our final valuation fees we just sit back and wait, for good old eBay to sell the items for us. Well it is true eBay will work hard for us and will market our listings for us while they are on the site, but they are also doing this for millions of other people at the same time. Yes they do a good job, but this is a business we are in either a part-time or full-time, we also need to do some work.

Right now I can hear some of you moaning and saying “Hey Andrew, I have taken those pictures and written a quick listing, what else, it is now up to eBay” when I hear this I tell them that I understand where they are coming from, but point out to them, that if they just spent a little time each day or week in tweaking their listings they would help them in eBay search and also in Google and the other search engines. And it is nothing hard or complex, you just need to get serious about your business and say yes, I am willing to go the extra mile with it and that you are prepared to put in just 30 minutes a day to help those items sell for a higher price and sell on a regular basis.

The first area you need to look at, and again being open and honest with you here, you should have done this action way before writing or re-writing a title or description and that is research. Yes I want you to have this engraved on your mind 24/7………………………………. Research, Research, Research. If you can get this part right then you are a good way in to making a success on sites such as eBay. Research in your marketplace, Research your product, Research the competition, and Research those keywords. In fact each one of those is a serious of articles on their own, but for now I want to talk about Research the competition.

Research your competition

You can do this the hard way by looking at the different websites and eBay shops where they sell the types of items you are interested in selling. Make a note of :

  • The colours they use in sales letters
  • The words they use
  • The types of pictures they use
  • A long or short sales piece
  • And the type of keywords they use

Now before I get any complaints I do not want you to copy, I just want you to look and see what these top sellers are doing and only look at the sellers who are selling multiple items a day in your niche or are regular sellers in your niche. You may remember that that I said hard way just above and yes there is an easier way to do some research and that is with some eBay research software from a company called Terapeak. eBay Research by Terapeak will give you some of the answers above and will present it to you in away you can understand and then put into action. But remember you need to do the work and then put it in place and take the necessary work to carry it out.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

Finding Hidden Niches

Today I was in Lichfield and they were having their Festival Market – This is part of the world famous music festival. Now over the years the market has taken on a few forms. For many years it was a medieval market, then it changed to a Georgian Market, and now it is just a Festival Market.. I attended the market wearing a few hats really. I went to see what it was like this year and how busy the area was with stall holders and buying buying, but also I went to see what products were selling and to see if there was any chance of doing any joint ventures. And I can say I came away please in all areas.

Lichfield Festival Market

The stalls were all laid out in neat lines around the Cathedral Close, some looked more professional than others, and some looked hey we are here and we have no idea how to set up a display, but they were all busy and they were all selling and engaging with the punters. Even those who had no idea how to set up a stall. But there was also a real buzz about the place, good music playing in the back ground, street entertainers and this put people in buying modes. I was also able to strike up some good business connections with some of the stall holders and I came away with a few promising ideas and plans both with products to sell and also consulting with others on how to get started on eBay. But as with anything only time will tell if these come off. Well I know at least one will, as I walked away with some stock and they are dropping some more off today on their way home. And there will be unlimited stock and as much as I want. They sell second hand CD’s, Records and Dvd’s. So we will have to see what comes of it over the coming weeks and months. I think most will go to Amazon FBA. But as I looked around the stalls and chatted with people, I found a lot of hidden talent and niches that were just ripe to be sold on sites such as eBay – in fact it is a pity that Etsy does not let people act as Trading Assistants as they were many fantastic artists at the event, who were great at their craft but just needed help with marketing, and they just need that boost with a wider market and audience. So this is something I shall be looking into as well. As I was going around looking for these hidden niches and products to sell for other people, there was something that really stood out to me, and that was the lack of marketing these people had. No flyers and worse still no business cards. So I ended up with a pocket full of bits of paper, with numbers on. This was sad, as these people most likely missed some great opportunities to do some marketing.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant, Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

Swipe Files

Swipe Files

If you have been around internet marketing for some time you will often hear the word or phrase swipe file. So what is a swipe file and why do you need a swipe file for your business?  And do not worry if you do not know what a swipe file is, by the end of this article you should be an expert.

Ever since the world of sales and marketing began people kept a swipe file. In very simple terms all a swipe file is, is a folder or boxes of sales letters, catalogues, brochures, magazines and newspapers. When you look at some of the top Direct Marketers in the world people such as Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and many others they will all talk about their swipe files. Yes even these great men and women use them, and if they use them so should we.

Also when you get a piece of Junk Mail in the post or in your newspaper I want you to keep them and file them away. And I want you to do the same for those spam emails, set up an online file system and keep copies of them. Yes keep spam !!!

Now the reason you want to keep these pieces of mail etc is to give you ideas when you are looking to write an article or title or description. Now please note you do not copy it word for word, but you can do is use it as a template. And by using it as a template you soon will be writing headlines like the pro’s.

Let’s look at an example “When I Sat Down At The Piano, They Started To Laugh.. But When I began To Play…………………………” Now that was a very famous headline written to sell a mail order course teach people how to play the piano. And it sold millions of copies. Now have a think, how many times have you seen tis template use? I would say many times.

You see people all over the world have taken the title as a template and just played around with the words for their niche.

The same can go for catalogues collect as many as you can, look how the pictures look, the way they hold the camera, and back grounds they use. Look how they use colours etc.

When you have time pop along to the newsagent and scan the women’s magazines and make notes of the titles and teaser copies. These people are paid very good money. Get inspired by them and take you business to the next level by using a swipe file.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

What Comes Before The Product

What Comes Before The Product

Today I want to go back to basics, and cover a question a lot of new and even people who have been selling online miss, and that is “What comes before the product” Now do not worry, this is nothing complicated or takes extra money, but if you get this wrong, you can have a great product, thousands spent on adverts and have your item on all the leading websites in the world, and you will not make money.

Yes I am talking doing some basic and I mean basic research, you can do this by asking people, reading newspapers, Google or you can use software such as Terapeak .  But if you are just staring out do it the free way, and you will have fun and doing it.

So you have found a great product, it ticks all the boxes for you. It is easy to ship, it is light and will fit into a box or Jiffy Bag with out problem. The company provide great pictures and even help you with the marketing. It looks like a winner. It is at the right price point for you and there is good profits, you are all smiles, and can see the money rushing into your bank account.

But stop…………………have you asked yourself a few very important questions.

  • Is there a large enough group of people in need of the product. Notice the word need, they may want the product, but do they need it. You see when money is tight people do cut back, on items they would like or want and only spend on products they need.
  • Do the people have money ? Or are you trying to sell to a market that does not have money. The ideal market you are looking for needs surplus cash.
  • Do they have a means of buying from you……………………… Credit Card, Paypal etc. If not then you are onto a loser. When you sell online you need your customers to be able use a card or payment gateways like PayPal etc.

Now when you add those three items together you will be onto a winner. In closing I would like to leave you with a simple thought. Next time you are looking for a product to add to your store, STOP. Then look for the people group first, tick off the list, and then choose your product, that way you will sell more and not have as many bad products. So what comes before the product ? The people group.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire