Is It Safe To Buy Products From China To Resell?

A common question I get asked when covering Product Sourcing is it safe to buy products from China to resell on sites  such as eBay and Amazon and other sites including your own. Some ways I love to hear people thinking outside the box but other items I hesitate as in my heart I know it works, but the timing is not right for that person. As with any product sourcing ventures you need to ask questions and do your research. Research and questions are the key when you source products from countries such as China and India.

One of the big No’s when sourcing from overseas countries is do not touch brand named items. Sadly on sites such as Aliexpress and Alibaba you key in leading brand name items and right before your eyes hundreds and at time thousands of products pop up before your eyes – The sad thing is most of these will be copies or fake items – if you buy these not only could you lose your money, you lose the stock and could even land yourself in trouble with Customs and could lose your Amazon Account. So please do not source Brand name items.

Another thing you need to check is that there is no design pattern being broken on items you are thinking of sourcing now this is harder to do, but if the item looks very similar to a brand name item then ask questions and do a bit more digging/

By now you are most likely thinking I am scared to source from China, but please do not be. I wanted to paint a dark picture of what can happen if you are not careful – but look on the bright side of things the same thing can happen if you are not careful sourcing items from the USA or UK.

  • To make it simple it is better to start on Aliexpress. The layout of the site is like eBay – you have feedback, can see number of sales per items and percentages of sales etc. If you stick to the top sellers then you are will be ok.
  • Also with Aliexpress you pay Aliexpress direct thus your money is covered if the products do not arrive, are no as described are faulty etc.
  • You can buy just one item to test it – and delivery is very often free, so testing different companies is very cost effective. When buying samples I would always buy at least three. One to test, one for friends to test and one or two to take pictures with and do some test sales as long as the initial tests are all good

I have been product sourcing from China for many years across many different niches, categories and products and have never had any serious issues with any of the companies. You find the people you deal with – often girls with cute sounding names speak perfect English and write perfect English. They will talk over Skype and answer all your questions and concerns and help you through any shipping issues you may have.

So if you are looking to diversify your product range why not spend some time and look on Aliexpress and later Alibaba when you want larger amounts, and see what you can find.

The main thing is as with any product sourcing is take time, do your research and if it looks too good to be true – it most likely is. So next week block out some time and go and do some product sourcing on Aliexpress and see what you can find. Happy Product Sourcing.