Sales Down, Do Not Worry

Sales Down, Do Not Worry

Are your sales down? If they are do not worry, it is not you, nor is it eBay or Amazon it is the time of year. Summer is always a slow time to be selling, and small sellers and large sellers always notice this downturn in sales. But please listen carefully, even though your sales are down and other peoples sales are down, it does not mean you should stop selling.

I always tell my clients and other people I help to list as normal – OK maybe not as many items, but you need to remember that although it is Summer where we are and schools are out, in, in other parts of the world it is winter and school are back. Each country is different and people have different buying habits and buying cycles. For example let us say you sell winter coats, and where you live is a heat wave………Your coats sell well all over the world, but because of the heat wave you decide to take it down for a few months. But what about your buyers in other countries where it is freezing cold?  And it also works the over way round when it is winter in one place it will be summer in another place. Please remember this.

The same idea works in Sport. In different countries sports are played at different times of the year and if you sell into this niche, you need to remember this. When Soccer/football finishes in one country it starts in another country. This is life and it is all part of running your own business.

If you are experiencing this down time, spend time in your business planning for the up and coming  holiday planning. Take time out to go product sourcing. You can also tidy up your currant stock and get yourself ready for the big buying season that will be coming up very soon. (Sorry for that).

So remember that during the summer your sales may be down, but do not worry yourself it is across the board and very soon you will see your sales begin to increase again ready for that crazy time of the year.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

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