Research your competition

Introducing Terapeak how often have you said to yourself if only I knew if a product I had seen at a Trade How will sell. If you are very honest I guess loads of times.

Or what about I wish I knew the sell through rate (the number of times out of a hundred a product sells) for a product.

Or What is the best time to start and finish my product.

Ok you can go on to eBay and spend many hours doing research and you can find out bits and pieces.

Now what if I was to tell you there is a very simple way to find this data and much much more out.The answer my friend is Terapeak. The software is allowed to access the eBay data base and produce cool and hot facts and figures for us the seller, and if we use this data properly we can save money and time.

Now some of you may be thinking we have seen all this before……………………. yes we have, but one thing I would like to point out with Terapeak Nowis the fact that eBay themselves offer this to the higher up shop and store owners so they must think it is good. They got rid of their own program and bought into Terapeak.

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