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I guess if you are like most people you looked at different courses and manuals, and at times have spent your hard earned money buying some, only to find that quiet often they are out of date or even worse they were written by people who had never sold or bought on eBay. Well help is here.

You will have heard the saying “When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear”. Well it is true, during 2009 I was looking for that extra boost in my eBay business. I learn a lot from my great friends in the USA, but I needed something British, something written by someone in the Uk and with a UK slant to it and who knew the Uk Marketplace.

Other the months I kept hearing a few names, but one in particular kept coming up, someone who was British and someone who walked the talk, I had found the teacher Amanda O’ Brien.Amanda

Amanda was a PowerSeller, eBay Education Specialist, and a Trading Assistant, plus she had been selling on eBay a good number of years.

So for me she ticked all the boxes, she walked the talk, and she worked eBay full time, she had no other income, so if eBay failed so did she.

Now there was more good news in store, she had written a manual. And it was aebaycover41 real manual, one that came in the post to you. It was on real paper that you could read and make notes with. Plus this manual was very affordable.

The total cost of the Manual was £67.00, and this includes updates which you get sent as and when the manual needs updating.

The manual covers all areas of eBay from getting started on there, product sourcing, buying from over seas, My eBay, how to take pictures and even how to host them to save you some eBay fees. But it does not stop there, Amanda even gives you some product sources and the name and address of a UK Drop Shipper, who does what they say and they are very good.

To finish off you also get regular emails and even videos from Amanda to help you on your way. And like all good eBayers she offers a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. But if you follow all the steps that Amanda outlines in the course you will not be wanting to send it back for you will be making money, and you will be starting on the road to success with eBay.

For further information on this great course click on the image below and you will be taken to the sales letter which will explain in more detail what you will be getting. ebaycover41


Before you ask yes I bought this course with my own money and have never regretted it. It will help new eBayers and those who have been selling on eBay for sometime. So go on and take a look and see what you think. As they say nothing ventured and nothing gained.



Best Wishes
Andrew Milburn

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* Amanda did not ask me to write this review. I wrote it as I want other people to learn about the great business there is to be had on eBay. And yes they are affiliate links and I will earn some commission if you buy.*

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