Home Run Guide by Janelle Elms

Home Run Guide by Janelle Elms

The Home Run Guide has arrived and is the latest item from Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars. How many times have you been out and about and seen a product that you liked the look of, it was at the right price for you to buy, and the item looked in very good condition, and you think you could get a Home Run with it. But you had a problem, you know very little about the product and the niche………….it is at times like this that you wish you had your friend with you who know all about the niche and is a walking talking guide on it………………..if only. This is what went through Janelle’s mind one day while she was driving. The Home Run Guide Series was born.

So What Is A Home Run ?

A home run is where you buy a product at a low price and go on to sell it for a large profit. An example could be, you buy a book at a sale of 0.99 and within a short while you have sold it for 50.00. Of course that is just an example and the amounts are often much larger. But as long as you have bought it at a low price and sold it at a higher price, you have a home run. Depending on what you sell you can get a home run once in a life time or you could get a home run every week……………..it just depends on what you sell.

Who is Janelle Elms ?

Janelle is an online educator and business consultant. She walks the talk, everyday she is selling and buying on the platforms she trains and consults in. This means she has the finger on the pulse. She has various sites…………the well known one is OSI Rock Stars as well as her eBay and Amazon sites she has her clients sites. And now her latest project Home Run Guides. The first guide has around 90 “friends” in it and there are more guides to come over the coming months and years. Janelle has helped me in my business for the past 5 years, and the money I have spent has been well worth it, and has enabled me to make my business to many levels beyond what I thought I could do. If you sell online you need Janelle in your life !!!!!

So what is a Home Run Guide ?

Have you ever been at that sale and just wished you had an expert there right beside you or just sitting in your pocket ready and willing to whisper those tricks of the trade or what to look out for when you are about to buy something ? Well the time for that is almost here, Janelle Elms has brought together a whole team of people and together they have pooled their resources and produced what is known as “Home Run Guides”  And the first one of the series is about to be launched any week now. 

Now before we get into what this guide is, I want to say what it is not. It is not some fancy app, that you need to scan to see what the product, nor is it some fancy program that sits on your phone or computer. No this is an e-book (With a special edition for your phone), and this e-book has been written by people who walk the talk. These are experts in their niche, who over time have proved themselves that they know what they are talking about. They buy and sell on a daily basis in the niches they are talking about, and also Janelle Elms has made sure these people are the real deal.

In the first e-book you will get around 90 people talking about what to look for when you are out and about on product sourcing trips in your local community. And each guide is around 2 pages long so you will have an e-book that you can read on your computer, phone or print out that will be in the region of around 200 pages give or take a few either way. And remember that this is the first of many books in the series.

Within each guide you will be shown examples what to look for and along with this you will be told and also shown by pictures the things you need to be aware of when out on a buying trip.

To give you an example of what you could be learning about if you invest in a copy of the Home Run Guide 


  • Kitchen Knives
  • Books
  • Starbucks  Mugs
  • Tennis Items
  • Flat Ware
  • Power Tools
  • Shoes
  • And many, many more items
If you are serious about your eBay / Amazon business and want to take it to the next level then treat your self to the Home Run Guide and you will never be alone again on a buying trip as you will have an expert in your pocket or in fact dozens of experts in your pocket.

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