Proven Amazon Course Part 4

It has been quite a while since I updated this review, I did this for a good reason I really wanted to try out the plan and see what results I got. And as this course is not a Get Rich Quick business I decided to take my time.

Proven Amazon Course

The weeks and months have passed by, and I have if I am honest played with Amazon FBA, but it still has worked. And once I get some of my other projects out of the way and but more time and effort into the business model, I know I will earn more money. The Proven Amazon Course is something I call a living business course. I call it this for the simple reason they are tweaking and changing it all the time and for the fact that they have an active forum. This forum is worth the fee you pay for the course, as the forum is active and people are willing to help you with your business 24/7.

Proven Amazon Course

Here in the Uk we are fast approaching Summer holiday time (and I guess the same all around the world – schools are out) and parents who run an eBay or Amazon do not have as much time to list and send out items. So this got me thinking outside the box so to speak. With Amazon FBA they will send items out to your eBay customers, Etsy Customers, in fact any of your customers. So why not send some boxes of your items to Amazon FBA and let them deal with the shipping?

You can now spend time with the kids, go on holiday and know that your orders will be shipped out, by one of the largest mail order companies in the world. You get your eBay orders, while you are on holiday, you send a few emails to Amazon and within hours those orders are on their way to your customers. No more putting the shop on holiday mode.

If you are serious about selling physical items online then this course is a must have reference. The Proven Amzaon Course has been written by people who walk the talk, and I am afraid I give it a 10/10 again, sorry to be boring but it is that good.

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