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Here in the UK we are not as lucky as our friends over in the USA. We do not have garage sales as such….. we have car boot sales, this can be a good place to source products to sell.

Another place to source is Charity Shops, Bring and Buy sales, looking at adverts in the local papers, Craig List,  eBay, Amazon and the list goes on and on.

Today I am going to talk about Charity Shops. Most towns have a few and the largers ones have over a dozen. Pick a day when you are going to visit the town or area. As well as picking the area decide before you leave home the budget you are going to spend in the day. Take this in cash with you because a lot of the shops do not have Credit Card facilities.

Also say to yourself right my budget is £100.00 and do not go over this……. a good way to keep to this is to leave your cards and cheque book at home.

You need to take with you a laptop if you have one (you can use these in Coffee shops most free of charge), if not a laptop then a mobile phone that can access the internet.
Failing those two, a phone so you can phone home or a freind so you can research the items you find.
If you know what you are doing you can buy blind, but I do not recomend this.

When you get to the shops, go round each one first and if you see a goods buy and it works out ok on the computer buy it But do make a round first and get a feel see whats in them, make notes.

Then it is time for a rest…….have a coffee and open your computer up and see if what you have seen can make you a profit. Make a note of all the winners, finish the coffee and go and buy.

When you have bought up the town, head for home and take your pictures and do the listings.

A question I am always asked is, what mark-up (profit) should I allow. And my answer is what do you want or better still what does the market want.
Your best action is put it on eBay as a starting price for what you bought it for then if you only get that price you do not lose money.

Hope This Helps

Andrew Milburn

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