PayPal Fee Changes Coming In September

PayPal Fee Changes Coming In September

Well here is some advance warning about “PayPal Fee Changes Coming In September“, now before you all start to panic and scream, shout and rant, and want to say one thing…………………..Get Over It, Or Get Out Of Business. Sorry to be so blunt with people, but ladies and gentlemen we are in business, and PayPal is one of our expenses. Yes you could swap to someone like WorldPay and put on your eBay listings that you take other credit cards.

But before you all run off and do that it will cost around £600 to sign up for an account, then a monthly fee of around £25.00, then a % fee that is higher than PayPal then a per transaction fee that is higher too. Yes you could swap to another Merchant Provider, but they all cost way more than PayPal and most do not online retailers.

The fees PayPal have been charging and will be charging are really nothing, and we all know PayPal and can trust them and they have been around many years.

To find out more about the changes in PayPal and the new fees check out the Updates Here. Over the next few weeks I will take time and make some notes that I hope will help you understand the fee changes (if there are any at all for your country, and in some cases the fees are lower).

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

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