In Love

In Love

I know In Love is a strange title for a business blog, but I have a reason. Today I was talking with a girl about product sourcing  and she asked me, do I have to love my product or can I sell anything.

To be honest this got me thinking for a bit, and to give me time I asked her to explain what she meant. (As an eBay Education Specialist knows that is a good idea to give you time to think)

Well she came back at me with “Well I love the clubbing scene can I sell products to it” So I went through the usual teaching. Is there a Market, have they got money, have they got a means to pay for the product, etc etc. And she answered yes to all. And when we looked online it backed up all she had said.

But I did warn her that at times being in Love can cloud your business judgement, and if you have fallen in Love with a niche or a product you could be selling well passed the time it can make you money.

Now this girl is one sharp cookie. She maybe only young, (she was doing a business course at the local college ) and you could see her thinking. She said Yeah see what you mean……So again being a bit naughty said see what………she said it is like love in real life. She explained that she could really fancy a lad at uni, and go out with him and fall in love, but soon the lad starts cheating on her , but she is madly in love and cannot see it, even though all her mates are telling her. And it takes her some weeks before the penny drops that he is bad for her. And during that time her energy has beed drained etc.

I said well yes, at times we can all sell a product that we love, and at times have problems dropping it, but if we enter a market with a product like that we must be prepared to drop it or else the product we are in love with will drain our business.

Now a question I would like to ask you all and please leave loads of comments for and againist.

Can we sell a product we don’t love , don’t have feelings for and really market it to it full potential?

Andrew Milburn / AndyUk

Half Price Listing Day

This Thursday, May 29th when you list on eBay.Co.Uk using the Auction-style, Auction-with-Buy It Now or Buy It Now Only (Fixed Price) formats in eligible categories, insertion fees will be half price for each item you list.

So the more you list, the more you can save!

Final value fees and feature fees are not included in this promotion.

So come on and get listing

 Andrew Milburn 


Amazon Revisted

Amazon Revisted


This is just a quick update on the Amazon posts I did a little while ago. For those people who have gone ahead and done something well done, and for those who are still not yet decided there is still still plenty of time there is no rush at all.

I have done three posts on Amazon, I have listhem below or you can find them by clicking on the Amazon link to the right.

Part One           Part Two         Part Three

Now this update is for those who have listed items on Amazon and nothing as yet has happened, please do not worry. The Amazon site is like a bus or policeman……. For those who have no idea what I am on about we have a saying that goes there is never a bus or policeman around then all of a sudden you get one and then a few more turn up at the same time.

Now it is the same with Amazon, my sales have been low for sometime, this is my fault as I have not been listing, but I have around 50 items listed. I had no sales for two weeks then it went like this :

3 Sales Wednesday

2 Sales Friday

1 Sale Saturday

2 Sales today Sunday

Total Profit for the week from Amazon around £20.00. Not a lot, but these were mostly cheap paperback books, so I am quite happy, and that £20.00 is after all the postage and packing costs taken out.


How To Market Your Auctions

Are you an eBay seller?

If you are, your goal is likely to make as much money as you can by sourcing and selling products that you have made, no longer need or want, or have bought in to sell on eBay. Unfortunately, there are now thousands, if not millions, of individuals who are interested in doing the same thing. For you, this often means a steady increase in competition. But do not worry as more people can mean more traffic to your auctions which in turn means more sales.

But to get that traffic you need to learn some simple marketing.

When many of us think of internet marketing, we often automatically think of online retail stores or online websites. Although you are not running your own online retail store, you are trying to make a profit online; therefore, you are, in a way, like a retailer. Just having your for sale items listed on eBay is enough to get your eBay items exposure, but you may want to think about taking it a step further. There are a number of different ways that you can go about marketing your for sale eBay items, without having to spend a dime.

1) One of the best ways to go about marketing your eBay items is by joining the eBay community, otherwise known as the online message boards. When you talk with other eBay community members your screen name used is also your eBay name. In the eBay community forum, every time that you start a new message or respond to an existing one your name is left, with a link to your main eBay webpage. That is the page that outlines all of the items that you currently have available for sale. Many eBay community members click other member’s pages just out of curiosity, but it not uncommon for someone to find something that catches their eye. Simply starting a few conversations with other eBay community members, even just occasionally, may help to up your eBay exposure. And of course as well as asking questions you can also answer them as well.

2) Another relatively easy way that you can market your eBay auction listings to the general public is by posting on a number of message boards, besides eBay. There are a number of message boards that allow internet users, just like you, to post information on items that they have available for sale, both on and off of eBay. Providing a link, as well as short description of some of the items that you are looking to sell is a great way to increase your eBay exposure and up your chances of making a sale. When taking this internet marketing approach, it is important that you only advertise your eBay listings in areas designated for doing so. Spamming is not permitted on many online message boards and it may actually get you a bad reputation. And also read the rules for each board you post on.

3) Speaking of using online message boards, there are a number of online message boards or forums that allow members to have signatures. Signatures are where many people leave their name or a favorite quote of theirs, but some message boards allow members to use it as space to promote their products or businesses. Before posting a link to your eBay auctions, you are advised to examine the online message board’s policy concerning signature advertising. Should it be allowed, you are advised to take advantage of this free internet marketing. You will want to post a link to your eBay sales page, but be sure to mention that eBay is where all clickers will be going.

4) Another easy that you can promote your eBay items, particularly if you have multiple items for sale, is by putting a “please checkout my other eBay auctions,” message at the end of each of your eBay listings. As with all of the other above mentioned internet marketing tactics, this is easy and free to do.

Those are just a few ideas that work all the time, are easy to do, and can bring in the traffic.

To find out more traffic ideas and ways of marketing your eBay business there is a new forum site started that has loads of teaching, and more being added each week.

Selling Tips

Top Tips

Use These Top Tips and You Will Make Money.

Did you know there is a big void on eBay, between those who sell on eBay and those who make money on eBay? Sadly it is true and the gap grows bigger by the day. Below I have taken a look at the top sellers on eBay and made up the top Selling Tips list. I believe that if you use all these selling tips in your auctions and store you will have a successful eBay business.
1. Set A Low Starting Price – The first tip is that you should start all your auctions off with a low starting price. Either start at a price cheaper than you bought the item or at the cost price if you do not feel brave yet. Just think about real life auctions, the auction house starts off low and builds up. I myself have done this a few times with items I sell. For instance I sold a marketing course once. I started it off at $0.99 (now this course was worth money and a lot of money around $999.00) was I nervous, yes very, espically as it got to the last few hours and the auction was still very low, from what I can remember around $97.00. Then it went mad and finished off at around $1,000. So the motto is start low.

2. Why use Titles and Descriptions – Use all the words you can in your title and use describe words in your auction description. Although you use pictures, when you describe your item do it, as if the person cannot see the item. Use a bit of hype, but please do not lie to your customers.

3. Concise Information – When you describe your items just use enough words and sentences to sell. If your item is a cheaper item say $20.00 you do not need to go to town on the sales piece, but if you were selling a house or a $10,000 ring then yes you need to spend time on the sales letter.

4. Why You Should Use Good Pictures – Use a good camera. Place the object on a plain back ground. Use good lighting. (If possible take picture outside as this gives better pictures). Try and not use a flash. A picture is far better then words but still remember you need to use words as search engines cannot see pictures.

5. Always Sell Overseas.– If you wish to get more bidders and also a higher price for your item, also list your item as available for sales overseas. The only time you should not do this is if item is way to heavy to send or you are not allowed to export to that country.

6. Sell Your Items In the Right Place – Buyers always search for items by looking through the eBay categories, mainly because it is easy, but also because eBay makes it quicker for them to find what they what. So as a seller make sure you put your item in the right category. Another good tip here is to but your keyords not only in the title but also in the description. This gives you a better chance of being found and selling your item. Also list on more than category.

7.Keep away from mass markets – It is always a good idea not to sell where hundreds or thousands of other people are. Prices will always be low thus profits will always be low. Not good for you or your business. The only exception to this rule is if you can source the real product at a good price which means you can sell and make a good profit.

Commission Selling

Commission Selling

Commission Selling is a quick way

to fill your store with stock…………

From time to time we have all said I just wish we had more stock to fill our shop and auctions with. But sometimes we just do not have the money to buy in stock to re-sell. At this point many people give up and just leave their shops partly full.

Well today I am going to share with two words. Commission Selling. Commission selling is where we go to a shop, a local wholesaler, Charity Shop and ask them how would they like to increase their turnover and profit, by doing very little work. Most places will say why yes, how can you help.

You explain how you will sell on eBay for them for a small commission of around 30%. – ( A side note here, the best places to go to first are those who have a high profit margin)

Once you have a place say yes we will give it a go, you get them to sign an some forms which covers both you and the shop. (You will either take the stock home or leave it in the shop), but you list it as normal, and when it sells you package it up and send it to the buyer. If the shop still has the item, take the paypal invoice to prove it has been sold, show it to the shop, package the item up and send it on it’s way.

Once the buyer is happy and has left feedback that they are happy, you send the payment to the shop via cheque or PayPal less your commission.

This is very simple and makes all sides happy.

Have Fun

Andrew Milburn

Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips

Today I am just going to bring the last two post together. As I have said I do not have a tattoo or know about the market, so I was coming at it from a new persons point of view.

My last bit of research took me to using the phone and chatting to men and women who had Tattoos.

I phoned some of the local tattoo shops and also some of the ones in the larger cities and they all told me that prices go from around £50.00 upto several £1,000 if it was a compex tattoo.

Now the above fact told me that this market had money to spend – now this is very important when you are going into a Niche, you need to find out does this market have the cash to spend.

I also asked the shops if they took Credit or debit cards and they all said yes. – Again this is important for if you are selling online people need to have a means of paying you staright away.

The age bracket I spoke to was between 18/30. And they all said they liked Tattoo’s as art and it made them feel good. – Again they were buying and wanted to buy.

I explained to each person I spoke to I was doing research and nearly all of them were happy to help. Today while I was in town I was having some lunch and I saw two girls with lower Back tattoo’s and one had one on her lower leg. So I thought well could get a slap but went and I chatted to them. They were only to happy to help.

They also thought it was a cool idea to have somewhere to go to get pictures and they would go to a site like that because they want other bits done.

(And this is another point – this market loves their product and will buy – even when only a few people would ever see the end result, and am not joking the one tattoo the girl only her boyfriend or husband would ever get to see).

Also she explained although she had her lower leg done and lower back done there were plenty of other places that she could have done and all her mates had atleast two or three tattoo’s. So why not split designs up into : Lower Back, legs, arms, other bits.

Her mate had now gone back to work , but the other girl still chatted and said if I was going todo this product why not sell body jewellery, Crop tops and jeans so they could show off the art, and she went on and on.

So what am I saying well :

The Niche had a range of magazines and expensive ones at that.

The Niche had money to spare and spend on their Niche.

The Niche had a means of paying for their products.

Also there were other Niches that could be drilled into once they had bought. Such as Jewellery, Clothes.

Also the person who wanted the product did the buying – What do I mean. Well for example a child may want the latest computer game, but he does not have means to buy it, he has to ask a parent.

Well I hope you understood that. And that it has helped you.

And before anyone asks NO I am not going to go into the Tattoo Niche.




Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips


Our First visit is to to see if people are searching for the Niche Tattoo

And we see a massive 63 Million Searches we done for the Niche Word Tattoo. Now to be honest this is far to big for us to work in so we need to sub Niche.

To do this I go to WordTracker. You can either sign up on a monthly package or you can use their free tool at again type in your niche word. 


 From the above we can see some smaller Niches that we could work in. Tattoo Art and Tattoo Design.

With these two sub-Niches you can sell designs on CD Rom, or in a book format. You could get the pictures from the public domain or design your own.

Hope the above is OK and use your own niche in place of Tattoo. I used the Niche Tattoo because I knew nothing about it so could look at it from a new person.

Andrew Milburn


Product Sourcing Tips


Product Sourcing Tips

Here in my multi-Part blog on Product Sourcing Tips, is an idea I learned from Ed. If you have not heard about Ed, I shall be telling you more about him later……He is another janelle he gives and gives and then gives some more. Well enough of the Ed fan club.

As I have mentioned and other people on the RockStars forum Product Sourcing is a must for any business. Product Sourcing after keywords will either make or break your business. If Product Sourcing is done right then you will have money in the bank.

So for todays tip. If you live in the UK or Europe pop along to your local large newsagents and if you live where they do not have a newsagent, pop along to where they sell magazines, but it must be a major seller.

Now take a look at all the magazines, all of them: Men’s, Woman’s, Children’s, Teenagers, Hobby Ones, etc, etc.

Next take a look at magazines where there is more than one on a topic. Now I know nothing about Tattoos but here in the UK I looked this morning and there were 8 magazines on Tattoo. Now that tells us people must buy these magazines (these magazines were not cheap they were priced at over £5.00 each)

Next you either need to spend some cash or go to a library but I do recomend you spend some cash and buy all the magazines on the subject, so if I was looking at Tattoo I would buy all the magazines.

Once you get home start going through them and marking the pages (this is why you need to buy) on the items you could sell. See where the trade shows are, if possible go to them.

Now as well as reading about Tattoo and the amazing culture you will begin to see trends coming out. Words they use in the magazines, Phrases they use, How they use photo’s.

Make notes of all these things, for if you decide to enter this niche you will be able to use the words , phrases and types of photos they are used to seeing.

For instance we might say ” Tattoo art for girls on their lower backs” Good keywords yes, but for a Tattoo fan means nothing.

They would need ” Tramp Stamp For The Girl With Attitude”  ******* A Tramp Stamp is a Tattoo on The Lower Back of a Girl.

This morning I knew nothing about the Tattoo Industry, Culture, but 10 hours later I can tell you from what I have read, prices I have seen and researched it is a market that has money to spend.

Tomorrow I will show you, how to check out what you have read in magazines with cold facts, that will tell us is this a market to go for.

Andrew Milburn

No Cost Product Sources

OSI Rock Stars

Product Sourcing

For anyone who runs a business either online or offline and you sell a real product, product sourcing must be in your blood. If as yet you have not had a Product Sourcing implant than ask me or any of the other Rock Stars and we will help you get one.

Product Sourcing needs to be at the forefront of your mind 24/7. I shall start to cover the basics of how you do this in the blog posts next week.

But here is the Product Sourcing Tip for today.

Look around your own home and what ever you have not used for 12 months add it to your eBay stock.
Once you have added your own items go around family, and if they will not just give you the items, say if it sells you will give them a percentage of the sales price, most times they will agree to this.
And when you have gone through your family, try your friends.

Now I can hear you think yes ok this is a good idea, but think of all the hard work in writing listings , taking pictures, postage and package. Yes it will be hard work, but there is nothing wrong with hard and it will get you used to writing good listings, taking pictures. And this will get you ready when you start to pay for you stock.

Have a Great Day.

Andrew Milburn