News Flash – 1

News Flash – 1

As many of us who sell on eBay and this question is asked even more to those of use who are eBay Education Specailists. Where do I find that cool Hot product to sell on eBay.

So starting each Friday I will be listing one supplier here in the UK, with complete contact details where I have them. And I will continue to list one a week till I run out of suppliers. So come back each Friday and by 9pm you will see a New Supplier listed.

Now to all my friends over seas, I am sorry at the moment I am unbale to list suppliers as I do not have the resourses to do this. But hey there is a way out of this problem, If you could leave comments after each of my posts with a supplier from your country.

So if I list Baby Clothes one week, if people could leave a supplier from their own country in the comments section then that would build up a massive resource for ebayers all over the world.

Happy Ebaying

Andrew (AndyUk)

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