Name Your Pictures

Name Your Pictures

Today I would like to give you a quick and to the point tip on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) As marketers and online sellers we all want to get to the top of the search engines and there is nothing wrong with that at all and it is something we all should aim for over time. But also it is something we should be doing and neglect our core business marketing and selling online.

We can learn all about H1 Tags and H2 Tags, Title Tags and the like, and once you have done this you will be able to do them in your sleep, but there is something that is also important in our SEO chest, but a lot of us miss out. Naming our pictures.

Quite often we just take a picture, upload it to eBay or our picture hosting site and leave the name the camera or computer has named the picture. Now this can give you a big problem, if you need to search for it and it is a series of letters and numbers it will take you ages, but if it is called something and I would suggest calling it after the product you are selling it not only let’s you find it quicker, it also allows the search engines to find the picture as well.

Plus when the spiders visit your site or eBay page it will see the title of the item, the description and the picture are all called the same thing and this can help with your search engine ranking. And if possible try and give your picture a description if the website allows it. This will help people who have sight issues as their software on their computer will be able to read out what the picture is.

Yes it will take you a bit longer to go in and name your pictures, but if you do the process as you edit the pictures it will only take you a few seconds longer but the benefits will be well worth it.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

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