Listing Goals

Listing Goals

Can you believe that we are already well over half way through the year. For those of us who make a living selling online most of us have thought if not already ordered our Holiday and Christmas lines. Yes it sounds very frightening but Christmas is only a few short months away, and our customers will soon be buying Christmas items. In fact if you do some research you will find many people have already listed and sold Christmas / Holiday lines.

So what are Listing Goals? A listing goal is something that you commit to on a regular basis. For instance you might say I want to list 200 items a month. Now that may sound a lot, but what you need to do is to break that down into daily amounts. So we take the 200 lists and divide that by 30 days, and the amount we come out at is just under 7 items a day. Now what you need to think, can you manage that number each and everyday? As you write your listing goals, you need to think how many items have I listed in the past and if that number is only one a week, you may need to adjust the daily toltal.

Once you have hit the daily listing goal for a few weeks, you may feel like upping the amount you list. Something to remember notice I say listings not items. You can have as many items in each listing as you like, but I am talking about separate listings. eBay is no different from any other online or offline business, the more you list or stock the more you sell. You need to think like a buyer, how often would you go to a shop that only had a few items and the stock never changed? Now let us flip the coin, if the shop was full of items, and the stock was always changing you would keep going back time after time seeing what was new, and not only seeing but buying as well.

Well the same goes for eBay, and the old saying is still true today as it was all those years ago. “The more you list, the more you sell” So right now take a pen and paper and write down a listing goal, and then commit to it. Have Fun.

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires Are eBay Consultants Based In Lichfield Staffordshire.

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