List, List, List And Then List

Yes it is that time of year when we need to list, list, list and then list. It is not the time for working on new sales letters and themes, it is not time to join new groups and start new projects. We are entering the busy selling selling period.

The other day I was just chatting with someone from my local town. This person has a presence on eBay and Amazon as well as their own website, and she was saying I just need more money. Now I know she knows the answer so I just said to her well list more. And her reply shocked me.

Yeah I know Andy……….but I have just started this new website,and doing this promotion for a nightclub, and starting up a radio show or two to promote clubs. You know when you feel like shaking someone. I said to her why now. I know she has endless supply of products to sell, and she is well connected and can get as much stock as she wants.

But she had lost her focus, yes she needed the money but her focus was on these new projects which were more a fun items. Yes she would earn bits of money from promotions and ticket sales, what with the party season about to start.

I tried to talk to her, and said spend several hours a day and list like mad. And the money would follow. but as yet she has not listed.

I know we all fall into the same trap from time to time, but if we have an

or Amazon business and we need some extra cash we just need to list more items and from this we will get more sales. It sounds very simple and if truth be known it is that simple, ask any of the eBay and Amazon sellers out there.

Set yourself a goal of how many items you want in your shop by the end of November and then divide the number by how many days you have until the end of November and that number will tell you how many items you will have to list.

Have fun and list, list, list and then list, and very soon you will see the money and sales coming into your account.

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