Lavender Bugs

Lavender Bugs

I would like to introduce you to a brand new product we have just sourced called Lavender Bugs. Lavender bugs are a product from the well respected name of Showpony. The owner of Showpony is Emma Henderson and where possible she loves to use organic and fair tradeLavender Bug from Showpony products.

All of  the Showpony products are concept designed based and are substainable, fun and exciting. These vintage fibric bags have a differnt bug printed on each side. All the bags are stuffed full with lavender and have a ribbon loop for hanging with your clothes.

Each bag is roughly 12cm x 12cm and are made with vintage fabric off cuts. These bags would make a wonderful gift for people and in my mind would be good sellers for anyone in the gift market.

The RRP is £14.00 and for this you have two bags packed in a recycled box making this gift very eco-friendly.

The company who make lavender bugs, also have a full range of other products for you to check out.

If you would like to see Showpony’s full range of products then pop along to and on the site there is full details on how to contact them for their wholesale deals.

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