Know Who Your Customers Are?

Do you know who your customers are? You may think that is a strange question to ask people whofile0002059106607 sell online (or offline), but a lot of the time sellers have no idea who their customers are and what they look like and what make them tick.

As eBay sellers we often focus on products and profits and think that because we have a great product bought in at a great price we will make lots of money. Now often this is the case, but if you do a bit more research you may find you can sell more items at a higher price. But more important you can avoid a situation where items do not sell, or your customer is not the right fit for the business model.

Sometimes as I sit with a client and we talk and brainstorm they come up with some great ideas, solutions and products, but for some reason the product will not sell in the correct volume online. A good example of this are items that children and younger teenagers buy on a regular basis. Things like pocket money toys. Kids love these items and will every week spend their money on them. You see this potential and put them up on eBay……………..sales happen but not in the volume…..why? Children do not have a PayPal Account or Credit Card. Yes I know parents can do it, but it takes time. Children want to go into a shop hand over a few pounds and walk out a few minutes later and either use, swop, or eat the item they have bought. Not wait a few days for it to arrive and wait for a parent to buy for them.

So get to know your customer, make sure they have the ability to purchase online.

Spend time on forums, Facebook, Pinterest and get to know them. Learn what they do, what their life looks like as a whole, by doing this you can create sales pieces that draw a person into the listing. For example you may like loud colours and just a few bullet points when you list an item. Now this works most people just want to see the main points before buying. But if your research shows and tells you that in fact your buyers like soft colours and three pages of sale notes, then you had better offer that to them.

You need to become like a customer, you need to think like one and know how they think, and if you do this you will soon see more people clicking onto your listings and buying more items. You need to use phrases and keywords that they like and use and not what you think they need.!!!!

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