Keeping Your Work Area Tidy

One of the challenges eBay sellers have is keeping their work areas clean and tidy. This does notfile0001459472297 mean that we are all untidy and just wade through boxes and packing and paperwork all the time. It just seems to happen and especially if your work area is small and you work on your own your eBay work area can very soon become unworkable.

A good way to start is to spend a day and say today is the day I am going to sort out my work area and make it manageable and workable. You need to have everything organized and different sections of your business stored in boxes and labelled,

You also need a clean desk, and I am worst for this, I do have paperwork all over the place, but this morning I made a decision that enough is enough and I filed away stuff that I needed to keep, and I scanned other paper work and then shredded the originals, no point in keeping two sets of paperwork. And I have set a goal as soon as paperwork comes in it is sorted and either filed or scanned and then shredded. My desk is now 3/4 clear.

Buy yourself some storage boxes and store all your packing materials in one or two of them – and a tip, always put your box sealer and scissors in the same place when you make boxes. I have lost count the number of times I make some boxes up but down the sealer and then spend 10 minutes looking for it. This wastes time and as we know time is money.

If possible keep your photography area set up, as again if you need to move items around and set up items this takes time. Yes I know many of us have to do this each time, if this is the case try and take as many photographs as you can in the time you have allocated. 

By doing this you will save time, have a more productive time when you are working and also you will be more focused when you come to work and not spending ages looking for items.

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