Keep Your Eyes Focused On The Goal

Keep Your Eyes Focused On The Goal, goals, goal setting, business plan, eBay, eBay consultan

As we approach the end of yet another year, as eBay and E-commerce sellers we are about to enter one of the biggest periods of our business lives, we need to stay focused and we need to keep our eyes focused on the goals we have set ourselves.

Yes I know at times it is hard, especially if you work from home and are having to deal with family events around your business, but as we have looked at before if we have our Road Map (business plan), we will be able to keep focused. One thing I have learnt from Janelle Elms we should put into our plan and our to-do lists time for family and personal issues, by doing this we will be ready.

Our business plan, is a living document and I also tell my clients that although it is written down, and has our long term, mid-term and short term goals, there should always be room for movement. As an example a plane flying from London to New York has a set flight plan. Flight planners worked out the best way for the plane to fly, the right speed and hight to use the plane to the best advantage and to get everyone there in one piece. The Pilot and his flight and cabin crew have their eyes focused on the goal, to arrive in New York on time or a bit earlier.

But the pilot also knows that on his flight he may have to change direction, fly at a different height, speed, take emergency actions, go in a different direction, but the end result everyone arrives in New York on time and very often the passengers know no difference (unless they travel a lot).

The same goes for your eBay business, you have a goal of making a certain amount of money selling a certain type of product, but during the year you realise the product is not for you and is losing you money. Do you stick with the product just because it is in your plan? Of course not, you make a decision to change direction, take a new product on, and bring your business back on track to earn the income you set out.

Yes we are keeping our eyes focused on the goal, and took the action needed to keep it all on track. So are you focused and are you set to hit the goals you set out at the start of the year?

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