July And August Are Great Months For Product Sourcing

Well summer is here once again. Schools will be breaking up over the next few weeks, andEbay, Amazon, Product Sourcing, eBay Consultant, Amazon Consultant people will have their minds fixed on holidays and how to entertain the children over the next six to eight weeks.

But did you also know that July and August are well known for something else………. (Apart from slower sales on eBay and Amazon). Yes July and August are fantastic months for product sourcing. To start with sourcing items online can be a lot cheaper. Why? Well because sales are slower online retailers will often slash their prices right down and for us who resell can take advantage of this and pick up some great bargains that we can buy and and then relist a bit later and make some very nice profits.

But there are also some other great places we can look for bargains that we can pick up for next to nothing.

  • Antique and Collectors Fairs. This niche also suffers badly during the summer, and this allows those who buy and sell in this niche to gather some fantastic items at lower than normal costs.
  • Take a look around those pop up shops that appear around this time of year. If the shop is in the last few days of their appearance in that area, they might discount their goods. Also if the items fall within your niche and you have some spare cash and it is the last day of the pop up shop and the owner has stock left over – ask them if they would be willing to sell their left over items to you for a very low cost. You will be surprised as a lot of these people will just say yes.
  • Try and attend as ,any offline auctions during this time as well, as very often there is a low turn out and the items go for very little money. Also remember you can attend these offline auctions by going online using sites such as i-bidder.
  • Carboot Sales
  • Jumble Sales
  • Craft Markets
  • Craft Fairs
  • School Fates
  • Church Fates
  • ETC, ETC

I hope the above has started the thought process and just write down all of those places you can go and source items. And once you have sourced you buy and then you need to list those items and then rinse and repeat.

Remember in all of this you are sourcing items for a low cost and reselling for a higher cost.

Happy Sourcing

Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon for many years
and is now helping many others from around the world learn the
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay can bring. Andrew is currently
working with Jim Cockrum and Skip Mcgrath as an Amazon Consultant  and eBay Consultant and offers coaching through their coaching programs. For further information please fill out the box to the left.


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