Is Money Holding You Back

Today let me ask you a question………….”Is money holding you back?” Now before you laugh and pass (public domain image) on by, I want you to take sometime out and really ask yourself the question. And before we get too far into the article I am not talking about not having enough money. That would be easy to answer, for most people could always do with a bit extra cash to pay bills, go on a holiday, buy present for loved ones or just treat themselves.

But as we start to ponder on the question, some of you might start to understand where I am coming from. Yes money is a necessity but when we have our own business it can be a stumbling block to how we grow our business. To try and help you understand where I am coming from I want tell a short story.

Many years ago I worked with a telecoms company, they were a great company to work with and at the time were the market leaders in the area they moved in. In fact there was just them and BT, and even BT had to lease equipment off them. It was a family owned business, and every week when I came into the office there would be new boxes of flyers, scratch cards and I would ask what they were oh a new business we started the other day. (They owned a printing company as well as it was cheaper to buy one than have items printed). But 2 months down the line those boxes were still there, with another load in front of them. All new businesses and ventures they started and tried. They were all good businesses, some were sold on many months years later to newspaper groups, magazines and kids comics.

But the issue was they were making too much money from their main company, you may laugh too much money……………but the truth they were making too much, there was no longer the hunger to make the venture work because they knew they had money coming in each and every day.

Recently I was watching an episode of the Shark Tank and Mark Cubin said to one of the people trying to raise money, that in fact they did not need money, and for that reason he was out. But he then went on to explain to the shocked girl that when he looks at a person to invest in the product is important but the person is more. And he likes to see a hunger in someone’s eyes. In the way they talk. And saying they need $50,000 a year from year to live off is a big no in his eyes.

You need that hunger to drive you forward, to make you go out there and make those sales to bring in the income you need to live off.

As eBay sellers we very often work from home and our house is full of items to list and sell, but for some reason we go days without listing an item, and yes I am one of those. Please let me encourage, challenge you to make it a goal to list a number of items each day and as you do you will soon see those sales come in and from those sales, money to pay bills and buy more stock.

But we also need to have hunger in our lives to drive our eBay business forward, and as our businesses grow and we have money in the bank, and some saved we must always need to have that hunger that we had when we first started out selling. Now go, list some items, and see those sales come in.

2 thoughts on “Is Money Holding You Back

  1. Thank you for this post. Even though I’m not in the eBay-business I believe having a hunger is crucial to put in those extra hours and do those few extra things to drive our business. I also believe hunger is important to find happiness. It doesn’t have to be hunger for success in business, but hunger to explore, to learn more, to expand etc, etc. I will now make sure to continue to fuel my hunger!

  2. Hi Matilda, many thanks for your kind comments. Yes it is true having that hunger in all areas of your life strives to make you a better all round person. And yes even though I wrote it from an eBay angle it can be applied to all all areas of your business. And as you say in also runs into your personal life as well. So Matilda stay hunger.

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