How To Stay Productive In Your eBay Business

How To Stay Productive In Your eBay Business,eBay, eBay consultant, eBay training, Andrew Milburn

As an eBay Consultant a very common question I am asked is how can we stay productive in our eBay business when there is so much going on. Now unless you are superhuman I would imagine from time to time we all have this question going through our mind and lives. Each one of us is very different, and this is what makes the human race so unique and if we were all the same life would be so boring.

The main thing in keeping productive in our eBay business is to be consistent in what we do, and once we have found a system that works for us is to stick to it. But to get you started and to stay focused on building your  eBay business I have included some hints and tips below.

  • Big Goals – Over the past few weeks we have talked a lot about having goals, why? Because they work, a good way to stay focused and stay productive in your eBay business is to always have those big goals in the life of your business.
  • Love what you do – This is so try as soon as you start thinking I am bored, or not wanting to list items, then maybe it is the time for a change. A good tip to stay productive in your eBay business is to love what you day, and each day cannot wait to wake up and start to list and pack items. Life is for having fun.
  • Exercise – Because we are sitting at a desk for long periods of time we need to stay fit, and have regular exercise and drink plenty of water.
  • Learn to delegate – As business owners we need to learn to delegate tasks to other people, and then let these people get on with the task and not watch over them. We need to delegate, trust and get on with another job.
  • Lists – I have left the best for last. To stay productive we need to keep lists of jobs, tasks that we need to complete each day, week, month, year. And then stick to those lists. Yes I know at times stuff happens but if we want to stay productive in your eBay business we need to make lists, stick to them, and once done a task cross it off and move onto the next one.

Andrew Milburn  Is A eBay Consultant and Trading Assistant.

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