Have You Joined The Source, List, Sell And Ship Club Yet?

Have you joined up to the source, list, sell and ship club yet?  If not why not? Source, List, Sell, Ship
As a reseller on Amazon and eBay you need to sign up to this club and be 100% committed to it.  Now of course such a club does not really exist, but in our minds and in our business journals we need to create our own club.

Our reseller business can really be broken down into Four main areas :

  • Source
  • List
  • Sell
  • Ship

Each one of the above is so important, on its own but when you add the four together you have a powerful business that will continue to grow and add money to your pocket and bank balance. For you see before you can ship and item you need to sell it, and before you can sell it you need to list it and before you list it you need to source it. Yes it is really that simple.

So if you have not done so yet, I want you to write in your business journal on a clean sheet of paper todays date, followed by this sentence “I have joined the source, list, sell and ship club, and I am 100% committed to it, to grow my business”

Then you need to commit to a set number of hours a day or week that you can source and list. And in the early days this is where you are going to spend most of the time. You need to build up a large list of items in Amazon and eBay – it is a proven fact that the more you list the more you sell.

Now of course this needs to be in proportion with each other. If you are sourcing for 10 hours a week, you need to look at setting aside 5 hours a week to list, and if you are buying joblots or wholesale lots you may need to put more time to listing as the joblots could have multiple items. Once you have been doing this for sometime you will get to know what your hours will be in this area.

The sell part of the business model does not take much time as most of this is done by eBay and if you are doing Amazon FBA there is nothing for you today at all.

Lastly the shipping part hours will grow as you grow your business. Again the Amazon FBA side does not need to be taken into account, but if you are doing merchant fulfilled or eBay orders you will need to allow more time on this as the orders grow.

So there you have it, a simple formula of Source, List, Sell and Ship, but if you do not spend time on each of these areas your business will suffer and sales will stop.

Hope this has helped you get motivated to grow your Amazon and eBay businesses and to take them to the next level. So get going and start to source, List, Sell and Ship.

Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon for many years
and is now helping many others from around the world learn the
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay can bring. Andrew is currently
working with Jim Cockrum and Skip Mcgrath as an Amazon Consultant  and eBay Consultant and offers coaching through their coaching programs. For further information please fill out the box to the left.


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