Give Thanks


You may think this is a strange title and subject for an eBay related article,but I just want to explore the fact that was when was the last time you thanked your customers for buying from you? When did you last thank the courier drivers and Postal workers for picking up your parcels and help them get to your customers in a timely manner and in excellent condition? Sadly not as often as we should, and yes hand in there I am one of those people who seem to just forget.

All around us we live in an instant take world how can I get something with it costing me as little pain as possible. But through this article I want to explore a few areas where we can say thank you and bring a bit of happiness into peoples lives. And please once you have experienced the joy of giving thanks start to do it in all areas of your life both personal and business.

When you leave feedback to buyers, put in there something like Many Thanks for buying from me and thanks for the fast payment.

  • If possible include a note in your parcel thanking them for buying and hope that they enjoy the item.
  • When you take parcels to the Post Office or the carriers come and pick them up, just spend a few minutes and thank the people and where possible ask them how they are and spend some time getting to know them.
  • Expanding out into your own personal world, try saying thank you when you are in the super market these people sadly do not hear those two words that only take a second to say. They are more used to hearing complaints. Once you have done this a few times, you will find if you go to their checkout on a regular basis they will smile and chat to you.
  • Try and set yourself a goal to say Thank You each time someone does something for you, no matter how big or small the task is. But it must be said in the right attitude and you must really believe it. And soon you will find you look on the world with a different view. Now go and make a difference. And in closing Thank You for reading this article.

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