Getting Back To Normal

I have called this post getting back to normal whatever normal is………………………….  As many of you know my life took a sudden and unexpected change at the start of November 2017. What the Doctor said was a sprained ankle and told me off for wasting their time turn into two major spinal operations 24 hours apart and five months in the hospital.  7 Weeks in Nottingham Queen Medical, and 12 weeks in Sheffield Spinal Reb unit. And only just now do I feel like getting back into my online selling.

But more important, I feel ready and able to get back to my blogging and sharing hints, tips and inventory opportunities with all of you. I have really missed the sharing with you and also the writing of it.

So keep a look out for up and coming articles, hints, tips, wholesalers to help you build your online businesses.


Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon
for many years 
and is now helping many others from around
the world learn the 
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay
can bring. Andrew is currently 
working with Jim Cockrum
as an Amazon Consultant and eBay Consultant and offers coaching 
through their coaching programs.
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