Fund Raising In Lichfield

Fund Raising

eBay is one of the best places to raise money for your Church, School, Group, Charity or favourite cause.

My Auction Empires will take you by the hand and either show you how to set up an eBay account, or if you wish will sell the items for you, through the Trading assistant program. My Auction Empires will help you get a foot hold into the world of eBay.
Many charities have been used to selling items in their shop or a bring and buy and money has been limited to the people how live nearby. Those days have now gone. By just a few mouse clicks you are able to have your item in from of over 200 Million people world wide.
We will sit down with you and help you either on a one off project or if you want an ongoing place on ebay we will help you with that.

My Auction Empires will take all the pictures for you, write a detailed discription and then list the items on eBay at the best time for you to get the maximum amount of bids.
Once the auction has finished and the item sold and the person has paid for the item and everyone was happy with the process, will will send the amount less My Auction Empires Costs which to the Fund Raising Sector is just 22% (normally we charge 30%)
The money will be sent via the eBay giving works program or if your group is not part of this we will send payment via PayPal or Cheque.

If you wish to discuss this matter further please email us at and put your name and phone number in the email along with your groups name and we will phone you back and talk you through the process. Or you can phone us on 0796 956 3038 or skype us at andrewmilburn

Please note the only costs invloved for you are the letters to go out to donors or the event in which you get people to bring the items for us to auction.
Once you have collected the items we will come and make a detailed list with you and then take them off your hands and start the listing process.

A note here : Please ak your members to donate items that are worth £10.00 or above (Unless CD’s or DVD’s) as items under this amount will not generate any profit for you.

Thanks for your time

Andrew Milburn

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