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How would you like to turn those unwanted Cd’s into much needed cash, or that pile of baby items ?  Yes you can still today turn unwanted items into much needed cash, but it is a bit harder these days but with the right eBay Training, you can soon have your items listed and up for sale in no time at all.

eBay has grown over the years and this means there are many books, dvd’s out there showing and telling you how to sell on the platform. But while this eBay Training is good a lot of it is taught by people who have not sold on the platform, and while they can teach you the basics, they often miss some hints and tips as they are not in the site on a daily basis.

When you are looking for training or consulting you need to ask questions like.

  • How long they have sold on the platform
  • Do they sell and buy on a regular basis
  • Do they work full time in their eBay / ecommerce business

The above are some of the common questions you should ask. But more important you need to feel at ease with the person doing the training as often you will be sharing information with them about goals, passwords, and plans for the future.

Also with modern day computers you do not need to having training done face to face. I consult / train with people via :

  • Face to face
  • Will travel to your business
  • On computer
  • email
  • Skype
  • Phone
  • webinars

Also you should look for trainers and consulting who will tailor the package to you the student / client. For instance at all times I find out the clients needs and wants and then I will put forward some ideas and plans and then we take the steps needed.

If you are interested in having some eBay / Amazon / ecommerce training or consulting please get in touch with us and have a Free chat to see how we can help you take your business to the next level with the right eBay Training.

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