eBay Site Changes

eBay Site Changes


Right now across the world of eBay Sellers are coming to terms of the changes that eBay have anounced that will take place in May. First off please do not panic. Also stay off the forums and boards. Print off the changes for the countries you sell in and then make a drink and spend a few hours reading through them and making notes for your business. Not those of other people or of the big sellers, but just yours.

Do it in a calm way, please, and do not stress. Once you have worked out how the changes are going to effect your business, work out a plan how you will put these changes into place. Tackle each change one at a time.

@ Make sure you tackle the important ones first – ones that could harm your business.

@ Next tackle the ones that need looking at in the next few months

@ Then tackle the ones that are least important.

But as I said before stay away from the boards and forums of the free sites. A lot of these people get cross and angry and soon you have a lot of hurt people. You need to look at these changes in a calm way. eBay do not make changes for the fun of it, no business does. They do not wake up in morning and say hey lets hurt our sellers. No……………………….. eBay needs sellers more than they need buyers. For if there were no sellers, then people would not buy and no one would make money.

I belong to OSI Rock Stars and Janelle Elms is spending around 30 hours looking at the changes that have taken place, why have taken place, and how as sellers we should re-act to them. Janelle has been around eBay long enough and knows the business inside out to comment straight away, but no she take the time, run the figures then present her findings. This is just part of what you will find in OSI Rock Stars, that will take you and your business to the next level.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant offering eBay Training in Lichfield Staffordshire

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