eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best?

eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best?

When consulting with clients people often ask “eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best?” and time after time I always say eBay. No this is not because I sell on eBay nor is it because I am an eBay Consultant. I am an independent consultant and always put my client first, and if I believe having your own site best for you I would tell you. But if you are selling a product then I will always take you down the eBay route first.

So why do I feel eBay is far better than setting up your own e-commerce site?  Well there are many and it would take many pages and articles to cover the points, but in the short time I have with you today, I hope to explain to you why I believe eBay is best. So let’s get to the meat of today’s subject.

eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best?

@ eBay is a well established service and site and has been in businesses since the mid 1990’s  – Your own site is brand new. Google like sites that have been around a long time.

@ eBay spends millions a year on adverts, and have been doing this since they began – Your site, unless you have money to burn, will not be able to afford this.

@ eBay is a brand name and is recognized and respected all over the world – You will have a new site, unknown brand name and will have to work long and hard to build up the respect of people around the world.

@ eBay has massive traffic coming to their sites day in and day out – Your business is brand new, and it will take time to get traffic to your site in the volume that eBay can manage.

@ eBay has a merchant service already built in and there is no coding needed from you – Having your own e-commerce site will require you to have a merchant providing added to it.

@ People love eBay and when they need something, quite often this is the first place they come to, before they buy – With your own site you will have to gain this respect and this will take time.

So is eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best?

I hope from the above examples you can see when you are starting out it is far better to have a presence on eBay. You will get the traffic, the people coming to look and then buy from you. You can start out small then expand into different levels of shops and then and only then when you have been having success and making money, take a look at opening your own e-commerce site. But who knows you too may fall in love with eBay and never look back or change. So eBay Or Own Website Which Is Best? For me eBay

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

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