eBay Holiday Guide Is Out

The eBay Holiday Guide is out. This is an annual guide that eBay has that allows yo to see a range of items that you can buy as Christmas presents. You can select gifts as Him, Her, Boy, Girl and Baby, and then by $ amount. Now this is a great guide and can help you selecting gifts for people if you are stuck on ideas. 

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But today I want you to think about this guide in another way. Yes it is great for getting ideas for present for loved ones, but……………. .

eBay have spent a lot of time and research to bring us these products, plus they are not going to show products that do not sell – hint, hint. As product sources we need to think outside the box, we need to look at the list and think is this something we could sell, or look at the niche and see if there are similar non-branded items.

** Now there is an important side note that we do need to cover here. While the list is excellent for giving us ideas on what to sell and types of products to sell either branded or un-branded, we must look at some products will only sell during the Christmas holiday period due to the nature of the product as some only sell during the run up to Christmas, and come to a sudden stop thereafter. **

In closing when eBay puts out a Holiday guide, take full advantage of it, and use them and the other tools as brainstorming ideas.


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