Trading Assistant FAQ’s

What Is An eBay Trading Assistant ?

An eBay Trading Assistant is someone or a business who for a fee (normally a commission ) will sell your items for you. They will take over the whole task, take pictures, do the research, write the titles and descriptions, then when  the item sells, post out the items to the person and then deal with emails and feedback. And once the new buyers are happy, your Trading Assistant will send you the money less the agreed commission.

Are eBay Trading Assistants Employees Of eBay ?

In basic terms no. All eBay Trading Assistants are self-employed business people who want to take their eBay business to the next level. Most are people who work from home and have a spare hours where they are willing and able to sell for other people. And there are a few Trading Assistants who work from a shop or store front and they have people they employ to do the listings. Both types are good and both types work. You just need to deal with people who you are comfy with.

How Do You Choose An eBay Trading Assistant ?

Well this is a hard one to answer and not easy, as you need to deal with people you feel comfy with and people you feel OK to leave your items with for them to sell for you. Most eBay Trading Assistants, will sell anything that is legal and ethical, but at times some may refuse to sell an item either because they know there is no money in the item or they do not have the knowledge to get the best price for you.

How Do eBay Trading Assistants Make Money ?

We did cover this a bit in an earlier section but to recap most charge a commission on every item that sells and if we look at an average commission this will be around 35% of the selling price. Yes some will charge a bit more and others will charge a bit less. There are a few people and business that will charge a listing fee and a lower commission. You just need to ask the Trading Assistant when you speak with them. So to give you a rough example let us say they charge 35%. You have an item that you want them to sell for you. It sells for £100.00-35% so you will end up with a payment of £65.00. Most Trading Assistants will pay you by cheque or PayPal so that there is a trail of the payment, this covers most parties.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Trading Assistant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire
For Further Information Please Phone 07582 889 050

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