Auctions Make Cash

Auctions Make Cash

(Turning Unwanted Items Into Much Need Cash)

Hello and welcome to Auctions Make Cash. This page has been set up to tell you a bit more about what we do and how it all works. You have found this page either through a leaflet or word of mouth. So who are we and what do we do.

Well we have been selling on eBay since May 2000 and from the early beginings saw the opportunity of making money by selling items I no longer had the need for. Once I had sold all these items I started to look at wholesalers and other suppliers so that I could by stock to re-sell, I still do this today, and most weeks you can see me looking for items to re-sell.

But during this time other people started to ask me if I would sell something for them, and to begin with I did so no, then the penny dropped I need stock to sell, and if people were willing to trust me to sell items for them and then give a percentage of the profits I had the begining of a small business.

Auctions Make Cash

So what type of items sell best on eBay ?

I have found things like :

Music CD’s


Computer Games

Childrens Toys

Baby Items

Collectable items

And the list goes on and on.

If you have items you would like us to sell for you, please phone us on 07582 889 050 or email info@MyAuctionEmpires,com and we will talk you through the process and see if we are able to sell your items.

What do we Charge ?

We Charge a standard 35% of the selling price – this covers everything (For example if your item sold for £10.00 you would receive £6.50)

The 30% commission covers items such as photo’s , emails, listing, post and packing all you need do is contact us and we do the rest.

For a free no obligation chat call us on 07582 889 050  0r email and we will talk you through the whole process.


Where do we cover ?

At the moment we are working in the Lichfield, Rugeley, Handsacre and Armitage Areas cover the WS12, WS13, WS14, WS15 postcodes in Staffordshire.

As well as helping householders we are very keen to work with small businesses and other proffesional -(Lawyers etc) helping them turning unwanted items into much needed cash.

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