eBay and Pictures Part Two


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In part two of this mini series I want to cover the topic of images and pictures that you use in your eBay business. This is another common question I get asked as an eBay Consultant. But as I mention in the previous article about Keywords, yes on their own these items can make small differences to your listings and each one is very important but when you group them all together they will make one massive difference to your eBay business.

The first picture or image that you choose for your eBay listing will be the one that will show up in the gallery – this is the picture you see when you do a search and eBay gives you several items to look at. So of course you want this to be your best image or picture. It needs to show off your item in the best way.

How many pictures should you use in your listing………and sorry I am going to say it all depends. It depends on what you are selling the the very often it will depend on the price point. Also take a look at what the other sellers are using. If the top rated sellers are using just one image, then follow them, but if they are using a lot of pictures also follow their lead.

(This takes us to another point, each eBay country has their own amount of free images you can use, and then each country allows different numbers of pictures in different categories – complex yes, but this is eBay. Learn the number of free images you have and if you need to “buy” an image pack work out if it is in your profit model. Also you can host your images and pictures on place such as Picasa etc for free – we will talk about that later in another article)

Where possible you need to use natural light as this gives the best effect for your pictures. Your pictures are the selling point of your listing. Yes you can tell people about your item but a picture will make them feel safe as they can see what they are buying.

In closing remember if your item has any marks or chips or special marks or detail take close up pictures of this.

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