Earning Money By Becoming An Online Reseller

Well, can you believe it as I write this blog post we are part way through Q3 of the year and soon we will be in Q4 which for many sellers is their busiest time of the year,but before you can start to earn those big profits you have to put in some solid foundations. Building a business is like building a house you need to lay the foundations (studying courses) and then putting into action what you have learnt.

Building your business is a lot easier in 2016 than it was ten years ago. We have many tools you can access that us the numbers we need to know to make the right buying decision. Some of these tools work on our smart phones so we can use them when we are out and about, others work on our computers. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be looking at these tools in a lot more detail and how they will help us grow a solid online business.

So how ready are you for Q4? Have you made those plans? Have you started to place those orders for the items you will be selling? If not why not?  

If you have not yet, do not worry there is still time the difference is you will just have to work a bit smarter and harder to make sure you have it all mapped out and ready to roll once we near the end of September.

So a bit of homework – take your business journal and start to map out the type of products you would like to sell and then look for the suppliers you need to contact, then make those calls, send those emails and sign up for those wholesale accounts. Make notes of the Retail Stores you are going to visit to buy those items that you can buy low in the store and sell for a higher price on either eBay or Amazon.

Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon for many years
and is now helping many others from around the world learn the
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay can bring. Andrew is currently
working with Jim Cockrum and Skip Mcgrath as an Amazon Consultant  and eBay Consultant and offers coaching through their coaching programs. For further information please fill out the box to the left.

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